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New to DIY juice and PG sensitive


Thanks, Chris. I have done research on proper handling of the nicotine, so I am not really worried about using 100mg nic, plus it make the math a little easier to do. Lol.

Could you please explain what you mean by hot spots? The only store bought juice I have been able to vape consistently used VG nicotine, at least according to the guy at the store that makes it. Is it really a big difference between the two?


Very cool, I will look into that. Thank you, tartarusspawn. Nice that they include the electric mixer in the kit. How well does it work?


Nic can separate from the pg or vg. However, vg is so thick it is hard to shake it up as Taylor swift would say.


Milk chocolate from flavorah or Jungle flavours are both reasonable subs for original inw not quite as good but still pretty decent. @Pro_Vapes has a milk chocolate base made from medicine flower dark chocolate that has been recommenced to me also but I have not made it myself (MF is a bit hard to get here in Au)


Sticking with low solvent flavorings would be best.
Real Flavor SC
Medicine Flower * The best of the bunch in my opinion, very low solvent and no PG. Called Lotus Flower on EcigExpress.

With these flavorings it is very very easy to keep total flavoring % low. Some of my Medicine Flower mixes are 98% VG or more.


Hand Mixer Works very well. Better than trying to mix it with a spoon…

Usually mix with mixer when making then once more after it’s steeped in warm water.

Looking at getting a mag mixer hot plate thou. Since I usually mix 300 mil or more

But probably will still use the hand mixer for smaller test batches


Lol…a spoon. I hear ya. I was planning on using an immersion blender, but that mixer is a less expensive option. Thanks again.


Good to know. I’ll keep that in mind going forward. Thanks, Ken.


Thanks, woftam. Just ordered some JF Milk Chocolate and MS-23. Looking forward to where this all leads.


I just recently tried salts. They are definitely smoother but whoa mind the mg. A morning puff made me feel like I powerdragged a cig in a bathroom.


Thanks for the tip, Buhhh. How many mg did you use? What had you been using in your regular nicotine solution?


I’ve used nicotine river and vape wilds regular and liked both. Vapewilds seems “spicy” to me. I did 6 mg (97 vg/ 3 distilled water) with the salts from nicotine river. I’m going to have to tinker a bit. While the salts give a dose of nicotine timed like a cig, the throat hit for me could use a boost compared to the normal nicotine.