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Nicotine concentration


got a 100 pack coming.


i live in EU… the max Nic limit is 20 unfortunately :confused:
getting a very high nic base means you will have to use way less than the ones that are lower…

let’s say you want to achieve a 3mg juice (100ml)
if the nic is 20mg/ml you will just need 15ml
if the nic is 100mg/ml you will need 3ml

though keep in mind taking in mind safety… it’s ALWAYS good using gloves and glasses SPECIALLY when handling very high nic…


I too buy 100mg nic in pg. I don’t have children so I don’t have to worry about having such a deadly poison around for a child to heaven forbid, drink. If I did, I can’t say I’d buy a different strength because I guess any pure nic is hazardous to a child but it would be a consideration.
Having the ecalculators is so great it’s no problem making any strength you need w the 100mg and who wants to buy nic all the time? You can buy less than a liter and it’ll last a year… plus, if it ever happens we aren’t able to purchase it, feels good to know there’s some in the freezer for a rainy day.:grimacing:


I am clumsy and don’t use gloves. Max is 48 for me.


After reading a lot of the responses here, it makes me glad that I had so many years working in laboratories(medical, granted, but fluid safety is a BIG deal there too!) Every time I work with my nicotine, it’s nitrile gloves and safety goggles. Why? Best practices and all that, I guess…

I started mixing with 100 mg/ml nicotine in 100% PG solution. I chose 100% PG over a 50/50 PG/VG or 100% VG solution as I was worried about dealing with “hot spots” in the nicotine-Places where there is a higher nicotine concentration. When ever I pour off from my supply, I ensure that it’s room temp and well shaken before I pour off into smaller containers for mixing. Even when I mix, I tend to shake my nic and my concentrates even if I used them 5 minutes ago!

And I wonder why it takes me so damn long to make a bottle of juice?



@paingawd Rock on brother, I’m RIGHT there with ya !!!