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Nicotine River different nicotine lines


Happy to report that my first order of 100mg PurNic (VG) in Nicsheild 250ml bottles is highly satisfactory! My first 30 day steepers are rolling out of the steep drawer and taste much cleaner and smoother than my 36mg Nic Select (NR) ever did.

I bought 500ml (2x250ml) during the 4th of July sale. Shipping was a little slow, but I know they’re working on that, and it was a sale after all. No problem there. The quality is very high on this nic. Crystal clear and nearly odorless.

And, my first time with NicSheild makes me regret that I didn’t go this route from the beginning. The self-sealing topper and the syringe (included with each bottle) make for the cleanest, easiest mixing and is less likely to oxidize. I’m sold!


i agree , i am completely happy and very surprised , i forgot to add any notes to my side by side comparison , but Pur Nic is a great Value


I have to come back to say @Nicotine_River new line is pretty good average decent Nicotine, Nothing out of the ordinary but cheap and workable at 6 mg or less I find it comparable with the last few batches I received from Heartland, MFS, and Nic Select, nothing really off pretty clear and a decent if not better Nicotine than many. If you are used to super premium Nicotine you may notice a difference at higher levels but for the regular mixer I can say its worth it. over 6 it may get a little heavy, but I really don’t mix that high If I do I will use salts.