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Nicotine River - Free shipping, Low Prices, Nicotine Salts, and so much more!


HI Cloyce,

There are several reasons why the free shipping might not apply. For example, if you’re shipping outside of the continental US or to a PO Box, free shipping would not be applicable. Another reason might be if you are ordering pure nicotine, a hazardous material fee would apply. If you would like to DM me details regarding your order, I would be happy look into this for you.

Laura- Sales
Nicotine River


You’re welcome Plunderdrum. Thank you for your business!

Sales-Nicotine River


Thanks for taking the time (Laura) @Sales_Nicotine_River to stop in and share some info with us, very much appreciated.


Thank you for letting me know. But why doe’s it matter if I’m shipping to a post office box?


Hey Cloyce, PO boxes are not applicable since USPS is generally more expensive on heavy weights compared to FedEx and USPS cannot legally ship above 48mg of Nicotine (most of our free shipping customers buy 100mg). I know there are some companies that do ship Nicotine via USPS which some customers find odd that we do not, however we must uphold the current FAA regulations and laws. :slight_smile:


AMEN on the Liquid Barn. I wouldn’t have to shop anywhere else if NR carried it. I 100% have to have the LB Vanilla Ice Cream!


Is it really that good? Haven’t tried an LB flavors.


@oso1 It is that good !!