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Nicotine River - Free Shipping, Nic Salts, DIY Supplier, and more!


New FlavourArt is being added to the site right now!

Enjoy :slight_smile:

Reggae Night
Wine Champagne
Zen Garden


And also! Fuji Apple by Capella is now up on our site :slight_smile:



Think you should maybe edit the apricot out of the fuji apple


For some reason it keeps displaying that message! I thought I fixed it but I guess the website is being a bit tricky. I’ll have to look into this tomorrow!

Thank you for the heads up :slight_smile:


@Nicotine_River Is $31.19 to ship 500ml of 100mg nic to 48602 accurate? Only FedEx Ground is available and not UPS Ground.


you would be better off spending 50 for the free shipping


That’s true, but something is wrong with the site because only UPS Ground can ship that nic according to NicRiver.


We can officially ship hazardous materials though FedEx now as well! Also, due to abnormal rates like these please feel free to take advantage of the free shipping at $50 or more :slight_smile:


Hey, I was wondering if the free shipping applies to Hawaii shipping as well… Got a basket set up waiting on a reply…


@dori808 when you go to checkout and your total purchase amount is greater than $50. What does it say about the Shipping option? Is there a option to select Free?


Unfortunately, we do not offer free shipping to Hawaii or Alaska due to the high rates the carriers cost us. For example, a $55 order of VG would cost $100 to ship due to the heavy weights since the package must go via an airplane. I apologize for this inconvenience Dori!

Thank you and let me know if you have other questions :slight_smile:


@Mark_Turner no free shipping option =(

@Nicotine_River Thank you!! Im still ordering from you guys tho as you guys are the best!! Best quality and price (living in the middle of the ocean never helped anyone tho). Thanks guys!!


Memorial sale going on right now!



Ending Monday the 29th at Midnight PST! :slight_smile:


Order placed :slight_smile:


Thank you!


Gotta love it!
10 flavors and a liter of nic for $10 more than the liter of nic, Thanks!


Of course! Glad you’re enjoying the sale :slight_smile:


i ordered Wednesday damn it lol i may have to spend another 50 but i dont need anything :frowning:


quick question, are Inawera creams / custards diketone free