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Nicotine River - Free Shipping, Nic Salts, DIY Supplier, and more!


is the free shipping b4 or after the 25 off


For NR? I got it before the 25% off. I think


thank you , i need to reup a few flaves


Yeah, I thought about it, but I agree, they are probably already extremely busy! I imagine them at Nicotine River headquarters looking like Santa’s elves in their workshop just before Christmas trying to get all of these orders filled already and I wouldn’t want to ask any extra of them!


I tried ordering for the black Friday 25% off and free shipping and the web site kept adding shipping cost to my order, sent a text telling Nic river i was having problems and they took care of it pronto.

Great place to do bussiness and a bunch of great people !!!


@Jim22 @Molly_Mcghee @CallMeTut @Silhouette
Guys, I’m curious to know if you paid for priority shipping or the standard free shipping seeing as you guys have the orders shipped so quickly. Thanks.


All I can say is that I ordered Friday afternoons n, did the free shipping and no tracking number yet.


I ordered early Saturday morning (2 am Cali time) and did the free standard shipping as well.


I used the free shipping as a side note though, it turned out that the items didn’t actually ship until yesterday evening:



I ordered mine just after midnight. I only live about 60 miles from Nicotine River and it shipped free since I met the $50 minimum. It was sent out through FedEx ground since one of my flavors was potentially flammable. My order got to a FedEx Distribution center about 10 miles from my house on Friday Afternoon. I thought “cool, I’ll have my order Saturday.” Well I guess FedEx doesn’t work Saturday so my order sat there for 2 1/2 days. Ironically, I also ordered from Lightning Vapes at the same time and used their cheapest shipping which was USPS. The Lightning Vapes order traveled from Florida to Southern California and made it to my home faster than the Nic River order from 60 miles away. In no way do I blame Nic River and I appreciate the free shipping, Just kind of humorous.


I feel your frustration @Kenbu…my order number is #63883 and has yet to be fulfilled…I also chose the free shipping option. I understand them filling the orders that paid for quicker shipping first, and I am not sure what is happening to the free shipping orders if they are being filled in numerical order. Although I will say that I have ordered from @Nicotine_River many times and am a loyal customer. They have given us an awesome discount for Black Friday, so maybe we can reward them with some patience! Nobody is perfect and I can only imagine how hectic it is for them right now. We all want our orders, and I am sure they are trying their best to get them sent out to us!


Hello everyone! In regards to having your orders shipped there could be numerous reasons as to why it hasn’t been sent such as a missing item that is expected to arrive today (Our Flavor Apprentice shipment for example arrives today) so we do not create as many back orders for our warehouse to fulfill and obviously more. Ultimately, the warehouse has been working earlier hours than regular with extra employees on hand to ensure as many orders are sent as possible. We appreciate any patience and cooperation :slight_smile:

Thank you


I just wish USPS would get their house in order… my tracking as shown above stated I should expect it on Friday… Guess what…

Thanks @Nicotine_River for the fast processing!


Of course :slight_smile:

Glad to hear everything went well with your order!


Hey everyone! Great news!

We have heard from many customers that our labels do not state clear enough the manufacturer of the flavor since “Nicotine River” is the title or header for almost all labels no matter what company. We decided that it’s time to put an end to this and entirely remake our labels. Ultimately the new labels will make finding flavors, sorting flavors, and seeing the information much easier whether on a shelf or in your hand. Below I have attached some example images per company! We do not have a set release date for these however, they are in the works of being finished shortly :slight_smile:

See below,

And more! Thank you :slight_smile:


Thank you thank you thank you! Not that I don’t like the fact that you have your name on the bottle, quite the contrary I’m glad to know where my Flavors rd come from, but the info I really need is the manufacturer of said Flavors! Just one more reason you guys rock! You listen to us!


My comments:

  • The Manufacturer name/logo can be a little bit smaller,
  • make the labels less wide (so we can see at a glance how much concentrate is remaining - I cut part of the label off so I can see at a glance how much is left)
  • Keep the pretty picture of the flavor

(same height, but about 20-25% less wide)


Just get a bigger bottle then there will be a gap!!:rofl:
The only size that doesn’t have a gap is the one ounce, and that one you can see from the bottom.


Yes! No more having to do a double take to figure out whether I’m grabbing a Flavor Art or TFA bottle!


Two quick things.

One. Thank you for putting the flavor brand at the forefront! It really means alot, and makes things SO MUCH easier to know what’s what while you’re mixing!

Two. And I can’t stress enough… THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU!! for correcting labeling inconsistencies with respect to brands! Especially on TFA where newbies would so often could be (and frequently were) confused with FA (Flavour Art).

Even though most were too embarrassed to admit they didn’t know… The “Flavour Curators” saw frequently just how many were (and still are) confused, each time we have to clean up the database of flavors.

HUGE CREDIT for making that right, and I hope the other “offending” vendors take note of what a disservice it is, and correct it as well!!

Kudos Grant and team, for once again, hearing the communities needs, and more so, for taking action!!

You don’t have to worry about your brand being seen. As you’re in the heart and mind regularly with actions that show you not only listen, but care!!

All the best,