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Nicotine River - Free Shipping, Nic Salts, DIY Supplier, and more!


Thanks a lot @Nicotine_River I can put my Sharpie down now !!!



Yes. Thanks for the label update. That has been a barrier for me ordering. Time is money and I’m Lazy and dred relabeling bottles. Yay!


I have never had an issue with the old style or current labels. But, this new Design, NICE ! Excellent job Grant & team !!!


nice did you order during sale ? my order is still unfulfilled :frowning: as of 5min ago


Mine’s still unfulfilled too…ordered Sunday evening :persevere:


I ordered mid day Friday and got my tracking number yesterday.


Yes I did…

@Nicotine_River I just received your email about the delay in shipping, I wanted to post this… although I have already received my latest order, I have (often) been one of those that had to wait and wait, never hearing a thing from the vendor or them not stepping up to the plate and just honestly saying… hey… we are getting it to you as fast as we can, we were swamped.
Like I said, I’ve gotten my order already, actually quicker than I thought it would be… thank you for that and thank you also for posting an honest explanation.


i figured they would be swamped , i ordered things i always use so im in no rush , i did order a couple Capella silver line though ( as if i need new flaves ) that ive been wondering about

edit and country apple purilium


I ordered that a month or so ago… tbh I haven’t had a chance to play with it though.


@Nicotine_River the new labels look good! BUT… I’m not gonna lie, I do like the pictures like DaveDave mentioned… :wink:

Either way though, its a huge improvement so thank you!


i do as well


I alphabetize all my bottles and STILL like and use the pics sometimes…lol


I did that once… lasted about 1 mixing session…:laughing:


How do you find the flavors your looking for then? Putting them away is
easier too because of the empty slots . I might be ADD and anal retentive


I’m just a f-ing mess tbh… I organize them by manufacturer. They’re spread out on pretty large shelves so I’ve got a pretty good visual and I just scan the specific manufacturer section for the right flavors.

I’m way too add to be anal retentive…


In regards to the picture although they have been loved and did somewhat help people decipher between flavors we decided it be best to delete them just do to the computer software we use. Without the images it made creating labels, editing them, and more extremely easy compared to our last process!

Thank you


Duuuude, all preliminary indicators are pegging the “wow” meters on country apple!!

Finger test out of the bottle…
Smell test…
Finger test on the fresh SF mix…

Got another 24hrs or so until the first vape test, and I can’t wait!


Same here!

I do have a couple of “exception racks” though.
Apple/Apple pie, Strawberry, and creams. All 3 of those have their own dedicated layout.

Mine stay organized. Or I’d be screwed in finding anything. chuckles

@CallMeTut you really want to move that country apple up the list brother! It’s got serious promise! :wink:


We might have a few shared traits amigo! :rofl:
Not so much the ADD thing… But everything has it’s place and all. :laughing:


I think there are two types of people when it comes to this, “back where it came from” people and “somewhere over there” people. Not that it really says anything good or bad about either. I worked for an “over there” guy who had the most amazing memory of the last place he used a tool or something and could almost invariably find it. My brain just doesn’t work like that nor do I want it to. Different strokes for different folks.