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Nicotine River - Free Shipping, Nic Salts, DIY Supplier, and more!


You’re totally right, I’m 100% a “somewhere over there” girl!


As a single flavor tester (if you did that), what percentages did you use @Sprkslfly and @fidalgo_vapes ?


i just ordered lastv weekend so i havent got it yet


I looked mine up on NR’s past order page, looks like I’ve had it since March and still haven’t opened the bottle lol


I want to say either 4% and 6%, or 6% and 8%…
But I’ll have to check my notes, when I’m a little less “3 sheets to the percocet”. =(


Anybody’s BF weekend orders not shipped out yet? Mine is still unfulfilled…been a week now since I ordered.


Mine still hasn’t shipped either. I figured it wouldn’t ship as quick as normal due to the sale but I ordered a ton of stuff on that Thursday thru Monday and this is the only package that hasn’t arrived yet. Not only not arrived, but not even shipped.


Yeah got all of my BF orders already except the NR one, well except my fasttech orders, but at least those shipped already!


Is there a chance you’d sell just the new labels when they’re ready? My BF order looks as though it should be here today, and I’m assuming it has the old labels still. I’d love to buy the updated one, and my OCD is dependent on clearly identifiable labels lol. Thanks!


I ordered mid day Friday and luckily got it Saturday. I would guess if you ordered Saturday or Sunday it should be shipping soon

I know they sent an email update regarding delays. Sadly it has happened. Yup. My 1st ever Walmart online order came in faster than NR, and my order from Hawaii got to me faster. But overall I cut them some slack since I know they are doing their best.


Hello! This isn’t something we normally do and I don’t believe we will be selling any labels but if you do need extras just request them on your order notes for any future orders and type “FL” after as I’ve informed our flavor team of this. Thank you!


You are not alone. Still waiting on mine to be processed as well. They must have been slammed with orders last weekend. Hopefully we will all get our orders soon.


This is my 7th order from them since July and they normally are pretty quick (4th order during a sale). I am just surprised that it’s taking this long(on day 9 as of today). Seems like maybe they were selling product they didn’t have in stock and are now waiting for the flavor manufacturers to fill their orders which is a lil disappointing. I’m not really complaining because their prices and quality are second to none. I just hope maybe they’ll throw in some free goodies as a good will gesture :slight_smile: Either way, this wont affect my patronage other than if i need something in a hurry, i may opt to go with BCF. Again, not trying to complain as I really do love NicRiver and even more so now that they are changing their labels…lol


I’m on day 8 of waiting for my order to ship. Guess I’m in a really big boat with the rest of you waiting.

I hate waiting! And I could really use the VG I ordered since I’m getting dangerously low.


Hey everyone! Your packages are scheduled to ship tomorrow or at the latest Wednesday! We deeply apologize for this and if anyone has any questions please feel free to tag us and we will get in touch as soon as possible. We appreciate everyone being understanding of the situation as we’ve just been overwhelmed with orders.

Thank you!


That is exactly what happened. They didn’t have a live stock tracker and was selling things they didn’t have on hand. Most orders that are still unfulfilled is because they are on backorders, could be one or many of your items.
I had the same issue but luckily it was a quick turnaround and my items are on the way.

On another site, there was a warning about a 5-10 day wait due to backordered items but they are still going to be here quicker than NR’s. Pretty disappointing. People are going to say it’s a sale and they were overwhelmed but so is every other vendors out there but they seem to be okay getting their things out. Received every other orders elsewhere long ago.


My order just arrived. Unfortunately I was sent VG instead of PG. (I still have 1/2 gallon of VG from my last order)
Wes in customer service was an ace.
The mistake is being taken care of, PG is being overnighted.

This was my third order with Nic River and it’s nice to see their customer service is just as great as their products and prices.

Just wanted to say thank you!


Ah…that explains the delay. I missed the sale, never occurred to me that you’d have a black Friday sale. Dang


Well never thought this would happen but it looks like the Fasttech order I placed on the 28th of November (hit Chicago today) is going to beat the NR order (that hasn’t even shipped yet) I placed on the 26th! Wow, just wow…


Hello, we apologize for the delay as we are working our best to ship out all orders.

Thank you