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What kind of shipping did use for fasttech, that is almost unheard of, on the NR that is a long time for them (7) working days and not shipped, I was lucky with mine it came Tuesday the 28th, But I was up at 3:00 a.m. Friday to place the order, knowing Chicago customs your NR might still beat it. either way Hope they both get there soon.


Hello everyone, we are aware that most of our customers packages are still awaiting shipment or are currently in transit. We do apologize for this delay and we are taking extra steps to ensure that for future sales this no longer becomes an issue. We are implementing new warehouse systems and techniques that will be set in place shortly. These new techniques will ensure all packages ship faster and in a more timely manner. We know that this delay may put many of you in difficult situations and we do apologize as of course it is not and has not been our intention. We are doing our best currently and like I said, for future sales this will not be an issue.

Thank you


Yeah that’s crazy quick for a FT package. Know that NR is backed up and hope they catch up soon. Ordered some smaller flavor bottles in hopes that I could test them in time in case NR has some sort of Christmas sale and I could reorder bigger bottles for anything I liked.


Also guys and gals, there’s a MAJOR fire near Nicotine River right now, so that might also be a consideration.

My Labor Day order didn’t ship until after 7 business days. But I ordered like 10 minutes before the sale ended, so my order was at the end of their huge list.


9 days for me and still haven’t shipped…


Alright. Sorry for the delay (still getting settled from all the changes post surgery)…

I have Country Apple testers running at 4 and 6%. Unfortunately, those are at home, and the ones I brought with me are “in the mix” that @SthrnMixer created (so, not any kind of fair assessment obviously as far as a SF goes.


Hey @Nicotine_River, just wondering if you guys are still on track to get the rest of the BF orders sent out today?


Hello Vapey! I was working in the warehouse yesterday helping orders ship so I just saw this! BF Sale is scheduled to finish today or at the latest tomorrow. After this we are set to implement new processing techniques that will making ordering from us a same or next day shipped guarantee. (This is not certain but, these are our expectations.)

Hopefully everyone is hanging in there!

Thank you!


Cool. Thanks for all of your hard work!

Barely… :joy: (kidding!)


by a thread lol and i no longer like the word unfulfilled lmao


That’s a dastardly word in every sense. :slight_smile:

Have you tried it?


tried whatc?? in the mix or country apple , country apple is waiting to be fulfilled lol


I have… But I have the distinct impression it needs more time than the few days I had given it (3-4) upon the first sampling. So I’ve been impatiently waiting. :laughing: :wink:

I mixed 60ml though (two 30ml bottles) so I could sample it as I go of course… I’ll probably be trying it again here once I get to a point of changing the wick though! :grinning:


received this email , im not to sure what to think of it , do you guys not know if you sent it , whats this ??


We’re following up on the order that you placed with nicotineriver.com on November 27, 2017.

Please choose one of the options below…

Yes, I received my order.

Please confirm that you’ve received your order by clicking on the link below:


No, I haven’t received my order yet.

If you haven’t received your order yet, wait 24-48 hours then contact nicotineriver.com

I canceled my order.

If you canceled your order then you can disregard this email and there is nothing else that you need to do at this time.

Your response above will provide nicotineriver.comwith valuable feedback regarding your order so that they can better assist you and other customers.


Shopper Approved
on behalf of nicotineriver.com


Here is my main rule of emails.

If i dont recognize an address it becomes spam, i wont click it or view it in any way. If it doesnt come directly from the company i am dealing with, it becomes spam.

I would be quite angry if a company gave my email to any third party.



This is an application that works hand in hand with our website. It’s simply meant for reviewing the product and getting more information for us to use so we can focus on improvement.

This application is not 3rd party and works with our platform, Shopify

You’re all good, we do not distribute any information to any other company that does not work hand in hand with us. This application is being used for the sole purpose of making our site better for your experience!

Thank you :slight_smile:


Also, you do not have to respond to this email. This is not necessary or mandatory and is simply an option that helps us, help you!

Thanks :slight_smile:


knowing its your i responded , i wasnt sure what was up


My order still shows unfulfilled whats up?



When did you order? My order was placed on the 27th.