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Nicotine River - Free Shipping, Nic Salts, DIY Supplier, and more!


Vastly unprepared for volume of orders during black friday sale, from what I’ve read. Growing pains.


Today all orders from BF are going to be shipped! By early next week we are expected to be on our normal shipping routine. We are aware this has taken unusually long and we are putting a heavy amount of R&D into our shipping strategies and techniques to ensure this does not happen again.

Thank you!


Same day as you:joy:


thank you NR for getting my order out today , im really gettin desperate for the Cap VCV1


My order finally shipped!!!

Can’t wait for that sweet sweet VG to get here! I’m completely out


My order from Nov. 30 is still unfulfilled…


I’m still waiting for an order I placed on November 14. Maybe I just lack patience, but 26 days and no ship date in sight, seems a little excessive.
But please notice the order date, 10 days BEFORE Black Friday


You and I didn’t even get the 25% off…lol


I KNOW RIGHT ?! Geez !


@Nicotine_River are you guys still selling 1gallon 3mg nic vg? Whenever i try to click amount, it stays at 60ml.


This must be a website issue, we fixed it previously but it seems to be coming back! We are looking into this now

But yes, we do offer that amount and strength no problem


Please PM me your order number, this is unacceptable.

Thank you


Please PM me your order number, thank you!


Thanks. I tried about a week ago and same thing happened, then again last night. Will check again.

Just tried now and still no. It doesnt bring the dropdown menu of quantity or base.


Now for the flip side of the record. The Nic Salts I ordered in DECEMBER 6, just arrived


No worries, this hasn’t been looked into yet by our team. I’ve informed my boss and it’s being taken care of shortly!

Thank you!


Just to update.

My order from nov 27th arrived today


Cool. Thanks.


If you’d like, feel free to email wes@nicotineriver.com what you’d like to order and we can get it taken care of via email or simply PM us here! :slight_smile:

Whatever is easiest for you! I know this is an annoyance and we do apologize

Thank you


Hello everyone! First off, we appreciate all the patience and leniency throughout our customer base as we know that recent Black Friday sale took quite some time to deal with. The good news is, we’re back on schedule and shipping speeds are normal! We have been doing heavy research and are expecting to have an increase of order output shortly to maximize shipping speeds as we know many customers did wait quite some time for their orders. Feel free to ask questions here! :slight_smile:

Thank you!