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Nicotine River - Free shipping, PurNic, PurNic Salts, CNT, Chemnovatic, and Glass Nicotine!


Hello I am afraid I’m unaware of the resource page you’re referring to. Please provide a link for this page. We currently do not have any sales active so this is strange! I’ll take a look into this for you! :slight_smile:


Most regular customers are aware that you chose to go w/ the free shipn w/ $50 but the code is still listed. There are a few others that arent valid on the page as well tho, dont hurt to try them tho until time is found to update the page. Cheers, have a great Holiday!!


I thought NicRiver moved last year, are you still moving ? I just got a big order from ya’ll last week, it was at my doorsteps in 10 days, but that was weekend included.


Extremely strange, we’ll get these taken down. Thank you


Hello, we planned on moving around April of this year. We’ve worked diligently on setting everything up correctly so that our move is least stressful as possible. After finding a lucrative location and working endlessly on the necessary requirements for the move we have finally set in place an estimated finalization date of the end of September. Since the facility is new it requires a much larger amount of work than we expected. As for the shipping speeds, 10 days sounds excessive and in the near future after this move they’re expected to be much more efficient. :slight_smile:


Well I am sorry to say I had to use competitive markets for the Labor day sales at a loss of a mere $160. not that much but I would have rather give it to a place I know and love. Hope things get worked out over there,because it would have been with Nicotine River, you are usually the first place I shop, I am a small timer though, I hope your move goes well, and things work out for you. I will be loading up a cart for the next sale, I thought you just got a new state of the art clean room and facility, Hope to see you up your game.


We appreciate the kind words and we will definitely be having sale more often in the near future! It’s been quite the journey working on having this complete and we can assure that our customers will be satisfied with our improvements! Thank you for your feedback :slight_smile: