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Order placed 12:45pm 12/29
Shipping notification 6:53pm

These guys fill orders crazy fast and had everything I wanted in stock.


I’m thinking they will post the sale tomorrow. It might have something to with starting out the new year and taxes. From a business stand point maybe they don’t want to show anymore on they’re taxes for this year.


A heads up. Just because you got a tracking # doesnt mean your order has been fulfilled and shipped. At times, it can take days before the postal company actually receives the package from the place you bought from electronically created a shipping label. Generally, from any store.


Hello everyone! Our apologies for the sale being delayed!

The sale is set on to be active on Midnight (In 2 Hours). This was all due to an odd and minor miscommunication! (Dates with our social media side of things got mixed up)

This sale will be active for Jan 1st only and is for 20% off all flavorings!

We appreciate the understanding :slight_smile:

Thank you everyone and Happy New Year! :tada:


You are correct as well, this will be helping us with taxes so all in all it almost should’ve been planned as such!

Thanks! :slight_smile:


Hey Kenbu, you are correct on this

Ultimately it was meant to be a 2-Day sale and we apologize for any confusion or inconveniences we’ve caused anyone!


Discount code: NEWYEAR


Not really a big deal. Thanks for informing us in advance, it’s helpful. Was hoping for another 25% off to start the new year but 20% is better than nothing.


We always hope for more but 20% is hella lot more then 0% and went outta the way to straighten probs out @ midnight on a weekend holiday. Happy New Year @Nicotine_River !!


Yeap. That’s what I just said.


anyone got the code to work yet?? not working for me


Not working for me yet either. Probably just another glitch.


cali time,try it now,walk away, ok try it now…


Yeap, not working. Will try again tomorrow.


Code still doesn’t work. It’s Jan 1st @ 7am here




That’s a shame right there :point_up:
Makes you wonder how many DIYrs are clicking the “order placed” button. With other venders so they won’t loss their Holiday Sales discount codes?


Same for me. :sob::sob:


It’s live now guys


BCF got my order @ 6 PM last night.Standard ELRECIPES discount and considerably less shipping. Plus, I would bet money on Thursday delivery and possibly Wednesday. After the Black Friday shipping mess with NR, saving what would have been about $3 or $4 didn’t make sense. I like NR and have purchased there many times, but think they need to get it together. Never had a problem with Bull City,