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Order placed… noticed that the discount did not work for ordering PG and since my order was small (and ordering the PG quadrupled shipping cost I removed the liter order (I have a spare liter already).

With 1 liter of PG

Without 1 liter PG


I don’t mind the waiting, I plan way ahead just in case. The only thing I run into is the weight/shipping calculations. I tend to run into a flavor I really want to try and adding just a 10ml jumps me to USPS priority automatically, but I can add 2oz of another flavor and still stay at standard USPS shipping. It’s not the flammable going to ups ground, it’s just the weight of the flavor is wrong in the system so it pushes me to the high shipping bracket. Oh well, I guess I don’t really need it


Their shipping glitches have irritated me from the get-go and I think they have had plenty of time to work them out. Guess I’m getting cranky in my old age but I had a cart loaded and went to their site several times before giving up on the sale. I like reliable service and this rubbed me the wrong way. I buy nic and PG and VG from them, and really like some of the Purilum flavors and their overall selection, but I’m not going to go to a website over and over to place an order. To each their own.


I understand, trust me I do. They’ve always done right by me and I’ve been dealing with them since the beginning of my DIY journey and I kinda feel loyal to them I guess. I won’t go elsewhere unless I really need to but I’m an odd ball lol. Sorry you had a bad experience


We’ve never had an issue, we got our Black Friday order in less than a week, and they have improved the shipping department since the Black Friday fiasco, plus have moved away from fedex, I think you should give them one more try, we all make a right hash of it sometimes but they admitted it and have done everything they can to fix it. Just my 2 cents


I’m in the same boat with @Gachatay and @Cutlass92 I have had a few issues with them but never enough to even remotely consider dropping them for another vendor. Over the years I’ve used Bullcity and Wizard (and probably a few others), yes I dislike that I still haven’t gotten Sweet Tangerine because it made my order a fire hazard but hey… life is full of citrus.
NicRiver is still my number 1 vendor. Just imho to each their own…


Oh I didn’t say that they have lost my business. They haven’t. But they did this time because it looked like another possible mess. But like @Gachatay I am loyal to people who provide good service and BCF is really where I began. I’m “old skool.” Anyway, I didn’t intend to badmouth them or say that I wouldn’t buy from them again. I’ve had really good service from them and like their products. I was intending to answer Mark Turner 's post:
"Makes you wonder how many DIYrs are clicking the “order placed” button. With other venders "


I get it, and they definitely missed orders because of the website and miscommunication issues.


Hey everyone! We’ve spoken with the boss and decided it be best to extend the sale another day simply for the delay on our part which we deeply apologize for!

If anyone has questions please let me know here and I will get back to you ASAP! :slight_smile:

Sale ends Jan 2nd 2018 at Midnight PST!


Hey Tut! This is happening due to the fact that it exceeds the First Class Mail option adding another 2lbs to the package! As crazy as it sounds this shipping rate is fairly accurate but if you’d like to, please DM me your account information and I will look into this for you to confirm all rates are 100% accurate!

Thank you :slight_smile:


No that’s okay, it wasn’t an issue (just a bit of a surprise) on my part. I’ll order up PG when I place a larger order where the shipping is free, but it isn’t/wasn’t really an item I was actually needing at this time anyway. Thank you for offering to look into it though.


Order placed thanks for the discount its nice to save 20 bucks with free shipping. Real flavors is coming out with pg based flavors, are you going to be carrying them ?


That’s what the Real Flavors SC are on the site, NR doesn’t carry the VG ones


The sc ones are pdo based, real flavors has new pg based regular strength flavors coming soon, i think thats why thier website is down right now


Interesting, I didn’t know that. After trying about 25 of their flavors I’m just not a fan. Maybe these will be better


Let me guess: foul aftertaste, trouble mixing with other brands, fading, never able to get a strong flavor etc. etc…


Bitter, is how I would describe it and only after steeping.


Like all the brands there are a few that I like and use. But overall I feel like I wasted a lot of time and $ . Reviews elsewhere were horrible. I have a rack full that I probably should give away. But if I won’t use them then I just wouldn’t feel right about it.


I’ve been using mine but only making small snv batches, I have found the flavors are good if you vape them within a week, after that I find they get bitter.


Pretty much sums it up. A lot of them fade even after steeping for weeks. I tested them from 0.5% up to 5% and after 2-3 weeks they’re incredibly weak with off notes and seem thin. They’re super concentrated compared to the VG version, but the 2% recommend range is way under for the majority of the line. That said, there are a few I don’t mind but I think there’s better options out there that cost a lot less. Basically they just don’t agree with my palette…some people love them so I just write it off as that