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as far as i understand ws-3 is koolada

but agree to be slapped silly to be corrected


Ok, so what I take from initial impression (not having yet read Reddit) is that polar blast is still where I need to be for times when you don’t want even so much as a hint of mint/menthol… Yes?

(Still haven’t tried polar blast, and have decided that koolada isn’t going to work for me thanks to a bitter off-taste.)


Where have you picked that up about FA Polar Blast?

According to FA MSDS files, FA Polar Blast contains:
7% WS-3 (CAS 39711-79-0) aka Koolada
3% Frescolat ML (CAS 61597-98-6) which is also known as L-Menthyl lactate C13 H24 O3

Try some WS-23?

What Ya Vaping/Mixing Today (Part II)?

sounds like your best bet since polar blast has menthol and koolada ws-3 tends to mute flavors and dry u out


Do you mean:
“safer, because a toxicologist has tested WS-3 and didn’t identify any issues"
"a toxicologist has tested WS-23 and WS-3 and has reported that there are more safety concerns with WS-23 compared to WS-3”?

Either way, it would be unethical for safety data to be hidden behind proprietary issues so please find a way to provide a link to their report?

ps. WS-3 and WS-23 are both cooling agents - that’s about where the similarity ends.


Notes in the ELR database… And the odd comment here and there.

Very much appreciate your sharing! :smiley:


We mean,

It’s safer because it was tested by a toxicologist within Purilum’s facility & WS-23 has been known to be common within foods. The toxicologist did not study WS-23 to compare, but believes this a safer alternative due to the fact that WS-23 was created for food in mind. We’ve learned that WS-3 if vaped, should be safer simply because of it’s properties and purpose compared to the commonly used food ingredient cooling agent made for ingesting. Therefore, the toxicologist does not believe that WS-23 is as safe due to the fact that WS-23 is meant to flavor gum, candy, food, etc.

WS-3 is also known as Koolada, which has been commonly used by The Flavor Apprentice and other large flavoring brands. We stand with using WS-3 as it has been used commonly throughout the industry for years by such flavor companies with no known negative effects as of this point.

Thank you! Even if it’s minor, we’re always looking for possible ways to make vaping safer :slight_smile:


@Nicotine_River, shopping cart question on your web site.
Can the shopping cart be saved IN your database (tied to my account) - rather than as a cookie on my computer ?

I hate when I add stuff to my cart (from work) then try to finalize the order (from home) only to have an empty shopping cart.

Recently ordered from another site, and their cart was very “smart” and items added to the cart were tied/added to my account, so when I got home, and logged in, my cart was as full as I left it – Down side was that their website wasn’t as quick and responsive as yours is – I think their host sucked – or badly written back-end software.

I could swear I added a BUNCH of items to my cart here on Nic River, but now I look, and it’s empty - and I can’t remember what was added, except for HS RY4.


Hello Dave, we’ve had multiple complaints on this topic and we’re working diligently as to why this is happening. Currently the issue seems to be resonating from our website platform itself, Shopify. We’ve contacted them on this issue and have begun looking into why this is becoming such a constant issue.

I appreciate you informing of this. I will update everyone here once an answer is received.

Thank you


NOT a complaint !!
Just a question / comment.


Currently, the shopping cart is being saved via cookies. However, we’d have to contact our platform for further info. I doubt that how the cart saves is subject to change because the platform runs using that specific method.

Currently there seems to be a bug that’s deleting carts which is what we’re hoping to find, and elminimate


That’s a bummer.

Thanks for looking into it though.

I think you need to look at cookie expiration times. Make the cookie expire in 10 years, and the cart will be safe.


@Nicotine_River, any chance you could look into FA Lime Tahity (cold pressed)? I’m sure you have had this suggested since it’s quite popular.


Here it is! Also, known as Lime CP :slight_smile:


Will notify the developers of this suggestion

Thank you!


Oh wow. I didn’t realize. Thanks for letting me know. I’m sure others have missed it too because of the naming, perhaps you could implement the change for easier navigation for those like myself. Thanks again.

Nvm, I just tried to search for it on nicotine river and it came up. It must have been added recently because it never came up before when I tried to look for it.


Name is being changed now on the site and on our labels due to this issue, thank you for letting us know of this!


While on the flavor name topic, since ELR represents a large % of flavor volume sold, wouldnt it be beneficial to both those who use its database and the vendors to list the flavors as written in the database both on the labels and on the site?


Is this in regards to the database of flavorings that ELR itself has stored when creating a recipe?


Exactly, many times the database has it listed diff then the label, for example cream fresh in the DB but fresh cream on the label. It just seems to me there could be a standard and since ELR does represent a large volume of mixers that vendors could use the way it lists flavors. I know pipe dream to have all vendors follow suit but hell i thought i be good idea. Thks for listening any way!