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I got a question why is some flavors that used to come in 30 ml now are only 2 once and higher?


In regards to which company?


This isn’t a bad idea at all but it would take a lot of revising on our end. I can inform the boss of this

Thank you!


I just recieved an order with 1 ounce bottles in ldpe plastic and not the pet plastic which has been the standard also your squeeze bottles are also ldpe plastic now it would have been nice to know you were changing your products before i ordered


Hello! I apologize for this, it seems that our current bottle supplier is struggling to keep an inventory of the PET bottles and they’ve shipped us LDPE to suffice. Please PM me your order number and I can help you with this via PM.

Thank you!


In regards to this, so everyone else can see

We will not be carrying these LDPE bottles in the near future due to the nature of people strongly disliking them. We will be carrying them in a different style PET bottle that is similar to our current bottle design.

Thank you!


perhaps ask @ecigexpress where they get their bottles, i could find the # for ya :rofl:

on the topic of label/site name listing, just a thought before u print out the next batch of labels so to speak. Thanks again for listening!


NR, please don’t take offense to this, but it needs to be said.

What your toxicologist claims borders on invalidating his opinion. Toxicologists must follow some of the most rigorous standards in science, especially when comparing two compounds. To use the reasoning that WS23 was designed for food as a basis for saying it is more hazardous is at the least, incorrect, and at most, dangerous.

That’s not how science works. There are scores of examples where something designed for a specific purpose is much more dangerous than something designed for a deleterious effect in another use. In fact, over 90% of the flavors you sell (an admitted guess) were designed for internal comsumption over inhalation.

If he/she has a good argument based on data instead of anecdotes, I’d love to hear it. Until then, I could make the reverse claim that WS23 is safer than WS3 simply because it doesn’t smell as bad, and it’d be just as valid of a claim.

Again, not trying to poo in your parlor, but if you’re trying to make vaping safer, this instance is not furthering your cause.


I believe TPA Juicy Pineapple was one


I understand and I see your point which is valid. I have requested more information from Purilum’s toxicologist on this paraphrased statement which was given to us. As we are just resellers of their product and a messenger of their statement on this product it’d be best to receive further information from the source.

Once I receive the information I will be sure to post it here

I contacted them just recently so the time frame of when they will be getting back to me is unknown. I appreciate the opinion and feedback as it helps us dive deeper into the product itself.

When questions are asked, we’ll be sure to answer. Whether wrong or right, a valid point is a valid point and we’re working on this now. We are not afraid to be proven wrong in the face of progress throughout this industry, so any counter arguments or feedback is always appreciated.

Thank you, we’ll update this forum once we hear back :slight_smile:


Hey Steve, as for The Flavor Apprentice we currently only offer 10ml, 2oz, 4oz, 8oz, & 500ml’s

We’ve tried selling 1oz bottles in the past of TFA however, the pricing wasn’t working the way we hoped and 2oz bottles became rather expensive due to the price increase that needed to be implemented for 1oz’s to fit into the product list.

Currently we sell 1oz bottles in every flavor company except for TFA

Let me know if you need anything else :slight_smile:


Poo, but can we buy half 2oz bottles of TPA? :rofl:


Understood …I guess I’ll just go ahead and order the 2 oz. bottles and I’ll just do a lot of mixing ! I could look for them elsewhere but I am a die hard Nic River customer
as you can see in this pic



Still waiting, and not gonna place a order until I see the For Pipe line, you said it was in the works, and it has been over 21 days, or more since I asked and you said it would be there in 2 weeks, What is up with that? I know that there shipping is out of your hands but I would have liked to see it by now, if we go back I asked for these back in September 2017, and also still no INW Mixed Mint either, everyday I check for these and they are still not there, almost beats the time I track Vape Mail,…I know shipping overseas can take a while but please I need to order some other stuff but keep holding off.


It does take some time. Negotiations for cost, bottling, and a desired market. Trust me on that one.


That was a good one! hahaha :grin:


Hey @nicomanteno PM’ing you about this now!


Truly a beautiful sight to see! :heart_eyes:


@Nicotine_River what is up? I cannot afford to drive to California for in store pickup. I added $8.99 “48mg Smooth Nicotine Salts 60ml / Vegetable Glycerin / 48mg” because I couldn’t afford $12.44 UPS shipping on a $9.99 “100mg Smooth Nicotine Salts 60ml / Vegetable Glycerin / 100mg” but when I got to checkout the only option is in store pickup. Although It would be a fun trip, I was wondering (if I purchase this) would you run it out here to me in Western Arkansas?


Hello! This is actually perfect timing to inform us of this. Tomorrow, Grant the owner of the business is having a meeting with our shipping calculation developers to find out what keeps going wrong. We’ll be using this post as a reference to these issues.

Something like this should be shipping for $3.00 via USPS First Class Mail. I’m guilty to admit our website struggles randomly with website shipping bugs that puzzles almost every shipping calculation company we contact. This is being worked on and is a top priority as of right now.

If you’d like, please PM me what you’d like to order with your account information and I can get it created no problem!

Thank you! :slight_smile: