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Purilum Watermelon and Sweet Strawberry scheduled to arrive today :slight_smile:


Yeah, after the improved time on the last shipment, im also mildly surprised that my order from the 20th remains unfulfilled. Hopefully a correctable detour after such a pisitive turnaround.


Can you tell me when it will be available to buy? I have been trying to add it to my cart for the last couple of days now and have been unable to. It tells me the only size available for purchase is the one gallon size for $250, and although I love this flavor, I don’t think I need that much! Please don’t tell me it is already sold out again in the 2 oz. size…


I was told the same thing a couple weeks ago but as you stated for the last couple weeks the only option available has been the gallon sized bottle. I finally just had to make my order without the Sweet SB and now I really don’t know when I’ll want enough other supplies to tip my hand to order it even if it does come in. If they carried LB (which I’ve been wanting to try) or possibly FW’s Cream Hazelnut… maybe I’ll order some pg. But the waiting game was getting pretty old, so I ordered short.


I understand completely! I don’t mind waiting, but I am unsure of how much longer I will actually be able to wait considering I am officially completely out of VG as of my last mixing session…so I cannot mix anything until after I place my order! I think I may just do the same as you and order short…I have other strawberries (RF SC, Cap SwSB, Flvr Rev, TPA RipeSB) and I am sure I can make a combo that I like, but after having the PUR SwSB I grew rather attached to it!!!


Comments like that is why I wished to try it lol


Well, it is a good one!


Hey guys! I know that our Purilim stock has been scarce recently! Especially on the popular flavors.

We’ve quadrupled our stock on the most popular flavors and in the near future this should never be an issue again. Thank you everyone for feedback as it’s helped us understand this inventory issue. :slight_smile:


Still Waiting on my Presidents Day order, It should be here Thursday, but I really dislike FED EX, it was 5 minutes away from me Monday and they sent it 200 miles in the wrong direction, ordered on Feb 19, shipped on Feb 23, estimated arrival March 1,


Got my Presidents’ Day shipment yesterday. Fast shipping and packed neatly. Liked the new bottles, but the old ones were fine I thought. Never had any issues with them. The new labels were nice, but there was a leaky 10ml bottle, and and the labels stated coming off.

Loved the fast shipping!!! Thank you so much!!


Oh no! Sometimes FedEx can be strange so I do apologize on their behalf!


Let me know if you’d like for us to look into this leaky bottle! I want to ensure you have the best customer experience possible! :slight_smile:

Thank you for the positive feedback


The concentrate was practically full, so no foul. Just wanted to let you know because of the labels started coming off because of the small leak. Just something to look into. :slight_smile:


Sounds good! This is being looked into :slight_smile:

Nicotine river Order issues

Has anyone had any issues lately with Nicotine River getting their order to them on time. I made an order 2 days ago, and it still hasn’t been processed yet. 3 day shipping as well.


It takes 2 -5 days till orders are processed most of the time, depending if there were a sale or you ordered a ton of stuff, longer you wait.

Moment it gets out the door tho it does arrive quick tho. NR always makes sure to double check the orders, I do appreciate that but its not like other vendors that ship same day, most of the time at least.

I placed an order around easter, was processed within 3 days, arrived that Saturday. Patience is the key.


Hello! In regards to your order shipping please PM me your order number and I’ll get this taken care of for you! :slight_smile:

We have had a few inventory delays with flavors companies that have held up a few orders and extra day or so but I’ll be sure to look into this!

Thanks! :slight_smile:


This is my 3rd order. The first 2 were out the door the next day. Both ordered on Sunday. Not to worried atm. Just wasn’t able to order sooner, and now I have enough vg for 2 - 30ml bottles of juice. Enough for about 3 days. Lol


what’s up wes


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