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Always watching and waiting for you here wes, any good sales on the horizon, looking for nic soon?


Has anyone else been having issues navigating the site? It’s been a few weeks for me, and a different browser didn’t change it. I choose flavor concentrates, and it won’t let me choose brands, just loads all of them.

It has a drop down that says by brand, or type, etc, but they don’t work and disappear very quickly as flavor page starts to load :frowning:


I have the same issue but I found a solution. Its not a good one tho but hey it works.

Click on flavor concentrates, hold your mouse button down or your finger if you’re on a phone/tablet, now wait that it prompts you with the menu of opening new tab etc.
Scroll up and click anywhere on the page that does not have a button or banner but random empty space. The menu window closes but prevents the page from any further loading, now you can access the flavor brands from the drop down.

Now before people ask why I not just hit the x and stop the page from loading, well because it doesn’t work lol. Hope it helps, really difficult too explain :disappointed:


I’ll notify the web developers of this! Thank you for the feedback :slight_smile:

Thank you as well @eStorm !


As of right now no sales are active on our site since we’re in the processing of moving facilities, but in the near future there definitely will be more sales! :slight_smile:


Had that search issue, as well. And I’m holding out for a sale, too! Come on - I’m a new customer waiting to buy something from Nic River now that I’ve see what you all have to offer!


Hello everyone! Just wanted to say, if anyone ever has questions or concerns we are always here to help! Whether its about our website or a simple DIY mixing question you may have, always feel free to ask! :slight_smile:

Expect more larger sales in the near future! :blush:


I just tried to place an order for over $50 of just flavors and was asked to pay shipping. I canceled the order to research the problem. please get back ASAP thank you


No worries, we can find a solution for this. PM’ing you now!


Hello, Nicotine_River. I sent a message via your website about a slight mishap in my last order that I received on Fri 4/20. I understand if it couldn’t be addressed over the weekend or if theres a large backlog on messages at your site. Would it be alright to PM you or vice versa? Thank you for your time, you guys have always been my favorite suppliers :slight_smile:


Of course, you’re always welcome to send us PM’s here and we’ll get you taken care of! :slight_smile:


Just wanted to thank you guys for being so awesome. Got my order today and am more than satisfied. I’m not an experienced mixer and don’t know when you changed the 2oz bottles but I think the new ones will make it easier for me not to over drip. Thanks again and just to let you know all of my vaping friend love Golden Eye. Keep up the good work.


Thank you! We appreciate the kind words and feedback :slight_smile:

Glad to hear everything is up to par and you’re satisfied with what we offer! If you ever have questions or comments, we’re always here to assist! :+1:


@Nicotine_River Will you guys be getting INW Yes, we Cheesecake instock?Also, will you ever stock the WS-23 coolant we all requested? I know you brought in a different formula (W-3) or something like that, but it’s not the same.

Also, any new flavors coming soon, from any of the brands? Any additional brands you will be adding to your current offerings? If so any hints? Inquiring minds want to know :wink:


@Nicotine_River - I recieved my order today (Order #87312 ), but it’s short 1 bottle of Nic Salts. Sent a message on your web site, but thought I’d try and get your attention here too.
Ya’ll are usually awesome with my orders, so I’m a little surprised. I know you will remedy this though.


Hey! These are great questions. For the INW Cheesecake, I can have that ordered no problem. For the WS-23 we are currently looking for a pre-diluted version which is seeming fairly difficult to find. We’re in the works of adding this to our website.

For any new brands, flavors, etc. We are still in the works of moving facilities which is expected to be finalized by around mid June. Once we’re settled in there will definitely be noticeable changes, sales, and new products coming to the site! I unfortunately cannot say exactly what new products we will carry but we are excited to unveil everything once we move! :slight_smile:



Hey Alisa! I’ll look into this for you and have my customer service team reach out.

Thank you for letting us know if this so that it can be taken care of! :slight_smile:


Hey @Nicotine_River … Sorry to be a pest, but I haven’t heard from ya’ll at all on this issue of being shorted in my order. Have you had a chance to look into this?


Extremely strange, customer service usually handles matters of this by now. I’ll inform them of this now and make it their top priority :slight_smile:


Hey Alisa, I was just informed that customer service is handling this already. PM’ing you about this now :slight_smile: