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I sincerely apologize. For some weird reason, that email (received yesterday evening) went to spam for me. I appreciate you following up, very much. Sorry to bother you about it.


Not to repeat myself (LOL), you can’t overstate the follow through with customers that @Nicotine_River does.


Code: “whynot”


+1 @Mark_Turner


Hey Everyone! We’re having a 30% Off sale on FlavourArt & Purilum! :slight_smile: :tada:

Discount ends: 5/6/18 Pacific Standard Time

Discount code: WHYNOT

Take Advantage!


Ugghhh… want to order but pur watermelon cotton candy is sold out! Need that! And lemonade! Damn


Aww, man! I just made a big order elsewhere and stocked up. … will have to catch a sale next time because I really want to check NR out! Will keep watching thread…


Mother’s Day is coming up !
I don’t know if they’ll have a sale, but I’m hoping for one !


@Nicotine_River any idea when the watermelon cotton candy and lemonade will be back in stock? Not a chance before this sale ends i suppose, lol. Thats kinda… eh


Hi Adair, Grant,…
Just (very) curious, where are you moving to, and where is the Purilum Paradiso?
God bless you all.


We are expecting Purilum Watermelon Cotton Candy & Lemonade to be back in stock around 3 business days. :slight_smile:

Once we finalize moving facilities will be carrying a much larger inventory so out of stock issues are expected to come to a minimum!


Hey Ozo! Hope you’ve been well!

Here is the link to Paradiso:


Duh……forgot the Paradiso was NR, not PUR. I freaked out for a moment, eh?

Now, moving ???, are you moving far or staying in the same area?

Love you folks.



Same state, just down the way about 15 minute so shipping speeds and time zones will all stay the same! :slight_smile:


I don’t know if it’s possible, but One one One Creamy Milky Undertones. If you got that it would sell out right away. Also another flavor is DIY Flavor Shack’s Holy Vanilla.


I’d love to see you get molinberry flavors :wink:


We will look into both of these brands. We currently are in the state of transitioning facilities so adding new flavors is entirely on hold momentarily, once we get settled in we will begin browsing. Thank you for you suggestions! :slight_smile:

@juice_junkie_lover @cincinnatiking79


Hey everyone, have any suggestions for products/flavors we should add to the site? Feel free to let us know! We’re currently in the process of browsing and appreciate any ideas/opinions as we’re always interested in catering to the needs of the DIY world! :slight_smile:


Also, we have been looking into WS-23 as it’s been a common suggestion, once we finalize the move this is one of our goals.


Umm. Yeah. MF