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Ditto, that would be amazing!!!


@Chrispdx and @Ths1MxrChk

Noted, this is being looked into as we speak!


happy dance!!


Vape train Australia, one on one, liquid barn, molin berry , german flavors at least then I would need only one place to order from and it goes with ya new European nicotine (coming soon :wink:


Ah yes, these are all on our list! Great suggestions @eStorm!


before you do MF id suggest seeing if people will buy first at the prices you will need to sell for a profit … otherwise you might be like ECX and dropping prices from 9.99 for a 5ml to 3.99plus 25 pct off to get rid of it


Great suggestion on this, once we finalize our move we will need to crunch the numbers and go over this in detail! I’ll be sure to inform the inventory manager of this so we don’t make any mistakes and order an amount that we will have trouble getting rid of! :slight_smile:


i do agree though if you are able to get it and sell at the right price point id grab it from you


Oh I just remember, would there be a possibility to stock more/newer flavors of the already existing ones?

Example: wonder flavors, tfa got a ruby chocolate, purilum etc. That would be cool :slight_smile:


Thanks for asking for suggestions here. Sorry this is a bit lengthy when I could just blurt out a simple suggestion, but I want you to have some insight.

I’m always searching for PG-Free concentrates and extracts. There aren’t a lot of mixers who do, but we are out here, always hunting for great subs for the far more common PG flavors. When we find a source, we tell each other.

MF, NF, and RF(VG and SC) are my go-to for this, and there are some offerings from CAP, FW and some others. But, we have to hunt through lots of ingredient lists, some of which are incorrect(Bull City still lists FW Whipped Cream and Dulce de Leche as having PG in them, but they’re both Glycerin/Alcohol-based), to find those.

When I asked FW if they could provide a list of their other Glycerin/Alcohol-based flavors, they very politely told me to read the ingredients on the flavors to find them, they didn’t have the information. That is a LOT of sifting to find 2, maybe 3 more products I can buy.

WL has a small PG-Free menu on their site, which has been helpful. I think you guys could go big with this idea and really give us a home.

+1 for MF! There are some must-haves that would be a nice start, like Dark Chocolate, and some that you should skip altogether, like Mango. Asking around the forums for the hits and misses could decrease the risk factor of carrying them. They are growing in popularity around here, though.


are they anywhere else ? popular i mean , it seems the ELR forum is where you find the MF users , i would have thought they were more popular in the DIY world but they seem to be forgotten or unknown besides here …


Keep in mind that they went from selling 5ml to 3ml if I recall correctly for their repackaged. Plus purchasing 1/2 gallon would be cheaper. (In theory).

The other thing to think about is product selection and customer retention. As always, @Nicotine_River, I would purchase more from any of my trusted vendors if they carried MF.

Maybe the profit on mf won’t be high but would but made up on other flavors.


Yes definitely, this is a main goal of ours in the near future!


You have some great suggestions and valid points on the PG Free side of things. We are aware there is a market tailored to the PG free flavors and it has peaked our interest! :slight_smile:


you could be right , i only remember buying a 5ml of strawberry at 9.99 i think they still have the 5ml for what they have left , butnyes you are right MF could be a lost leader type flave for them if that the way they want to go

note : i would buy from NR if they could match the per ml price at MF or GEB. they dont have to beat it just match

btw i was in heaven when ECX dropped thwir prices im still sitting on multiple Lemon bottles yum yum


I like the new bottles being used for flavors. Having an option to buy empties of those would be nice. Also cobalt glass bottles never seem to be in stock.


Price matching shouldn’t be an issue :slight_smile: We will still be looking into these though before we guarantee anything though!


I did mean ELR, I tried a couple other forums, but bounced back here where it’s nice and cozy really quick!


They are still 5ml. Just discounted to $3.99


I’d go as far as saying (hopefully nobody hates me for saying this) I’d buy mf from nic river even if they didn’t price match per ml, but offered a smaller size like ecx did. It’s really hard for me to justify pulling the trigger on $22 for a single flavor, but I’d be much more likely to drop $30ish on three 5ml bottles of three different flavors. Just some food for thought. :slight_smile:
And fwiw @Nicotine_River, I’d be all over some mf vanilla, butterscotch, white chocolate, and lemon (if you’re looking for flavor suggestions! :wink: )