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yes thats why i said price per ml … i figure they would be smart to sell 5ml at 6.99 to 7.50


Thank you for these suggestions, we are currently working on all of this!


I’m just saying I’d buy it from nr even if it was more per ml than buying from good earth or mf directly, since those places don’t offer smaller bottles. $6.99-$7.99 would be great (and the same price as those other places per ml when you’re talking about the 15ml bottles) but I’d be happy to pay $10 for 5ml if that’s what needed to happen for nr to carry it.


The smallest size that would be available for these flavorings would be 10ml’s. The price would be unknown but it would definitely be competitive and relative to the market. :slight_smile:

Note: In case anyone was wondering!

@fidalgo_vapes @Ths1MxrChk


Good to know, thanks!


@Nicotine_River Thanks for the opportunity to chime in. If I had to add two, I’d add Medicine Flower and One on One flavors to the roster. Realizing you are still working on finalizing your nicotine offerings, having the ability to purchase amber glass bottles with conical seals would be a big help for nic buyers, and more of a “one stop shopping” experience for users.


No disrespect to ECX, but I think they were overpriced at $10/5ml. Especially given a 15ml can be had for $22 FULL RETAIL @ Medicine Flower!

When you factor in that is been stated on multiple occasions that Good Earth Beauty is willing to throw in a 15ml sample FREE on “a multi bottle order”*, it would appear obvious that there is wiggle room to be had.

*To what degree, remains unknown of course…

Bottom line, even though ECX stopped carrying some MF/Lotus flavors, they have restocked ones that were previously removed from their site, and the normal price has continued to be 3.99. I’m bearing in mind though, that pricing at MF is not always uniform (at least from what I’ve seen). So that may be another aspect to factor in. (Do you raise the price of the one, or spread it out…)

Regardless, I know that ECX carrying the ones they USED TO carry, definitely affected my order placements. Not so since they’ve stopped carrying MF butterscotch, dark chocolate, strawberry, etc etc.

So you could consider it as a way to sell a lot of other product, and maintaining your margins there, while taking a lesser margin on MF to draw the loyal, and curious, alike! Win/win.

At the very least, if you don’t want to go head to head with ECX, you would still gain a LOT of sales by simply carrying what they won’t!!

But overall, I think a 5ml option is a must! As the majority are very potent, and will 5ml will last a fair while (for most). Which also means, you should be able to safely test the waters without getting sick holding the bag. :wink:

PLEASE give the above serious consideration!
Thanks for your time,

PS: if I’m not mistaken, MF is PG FREE (so there’s another point in your favor for marketing!)


You are not mistaken!


Thank you everyone for all this information and input! We were unaware that MF is PG free, this is a great stance. We appreciate everyone chiming in on these topics as it helps us greatly with understanding new products from a consumer standpoint! :slight_smile:


There is another factor I thought of…

I believe you will need to have a new name for it, like ECX does. Word will still spread, and shouldn’t negatively affect sales. I’m not certain, but I’m pretty sure that they’re one of those companies keeping their distance from direct sales to the vaping industry. Discretion may be advisable.


I’ll be sure to speak with them in regards to this matter to ensure that their brand is taken care of how they’d like :slight_smile:

Thank you for bringing this to my attention!



Lots of Memorial sales starting from other Vendors.

I was wondering if you will you be having a Memorial Sale this year, and if so is it the usual 10%?

Thank You!


I will second the vape train and the one on one. One on One has some terrible flavors, but they also have some that are best in class so you’re going to want some feedback on which to grab since they have an extensive library if you went with them.
Vape Train is new and only carried in the US by BCF so I’d suggest getting on this early. I have about 50 with another 25 I’m grabbing during their sale this weekend and I have to say this line is legit. I’m having a blast mixing with these! The flavors are so good and most of them have great body, even the fruits that we are use to being just thin top notes are rich with great mouth feel.
If Baker’s Flavors weren’t so tough to deal with they’d be my other top suggestion. They’re very potent and have great flavor, plus it’s another that is not readily available so it would help bring in more customers with the exclusivity of not being carried by other popular resellers.
Next on my list would be Molinberry. This is slowly getting more popular as people try the line. They aren’t as strong (similar to TFA) but they nail the flavors they shoot for and I go out of my way to order these regularly.

Thanks for asking for our thoughts!!


Hey Mystic! I apologize, I’ve been out of town so managing the thread has been difficult. We are having a sale and emails were sent out regarding the discount code and info! For any additional information please feel free to visit the site! :slight_smile:


Descriptive and beautiful! Thank you for all the info as this helps us immensely on understanding what’s next for NR. We appreciate all your opinions and will use them valuably for future decisions, as with all of our customers! :slight_smile:

Thank you!


Good thing I visit this Forum, I have been a customer for years and did not get the Email. I just placed a order and was wondering how the PUR nic compares to your older brand Nicselect, and when will the other nic brands be for sale that are listed?


ya im wondering the same thing about the PUr nic , it seems knowone wants to answer me besides NR lol


flavor suggestion = lorann Butter Rum


I’m getting low on nic and will be ordering PurNic 100mg in VG in the NicSheild bottles very soon. I’ll let you know how it goes.


tt i just order the 100mgml pg based lol