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I was lead to believe any nic 48mg+ had to lawfully go ups ground which explained the higher shipping costs.


“Liquid Nicotine in a strength of 60mg, 100mg, and Pure Nicotine are Class 6.1 Toxics Packing Group ll and lll and will only ship UPS Ground. Pure Nicotine carries a $45 hazmat fee per 4 liters plus the standard UPS Ground charge.”

That’s why i did not want to do the 100mg nic


About this!

60mg and above is the UPS Ground/FedEx mandatory shipping limit :slight_smile:

48mg and below is free to go any shipping method since technically, it isn’t “hazardous”

Strange but that’s how the FAA makes us ship things!

Thank you :slight_smile:


Thank you, pm sent :wink:
want my credit card #? I’ll post it here (I trust everyone on our forum)
JK, I wont publicly enter my CC# someone from one of the other forums may be brousing as a guest.
another note, the site says Please look for the * symbol after the product name which indicates it is a flammable or hazmat item. but the 100mg nic does not have that *


Hey Cosmic, looking at the website now and I’m unsure of what you mean that the 100mg product doesn’t have an asterisk

Also, PM’ing you now


I found it, there is a little no airplane symbol top left corner of the image of the item in the shopping cart. Thanks Nicotine River for being so helpful with my order, you guys are the best, you have the best highest quality products, and the best prices of all the vendors on the net. Anyone who is buying Nicotine PG or VG would be foolish to not at least check your prices before purchasing anywhere else.


I’ll take a look at that on our site!

And of course, we’re always here to make sure you’re taken care of :slight_smile:

I’m glad that I could help you out and if you ever need anything, we’re always here!

Have a good night!


Just wanted to update everyone on @Nicotine_River’s damned fast processing times. I know they really got hammered on a few of their last big sales, but that’s almost expected. Just placed an order this morning at 6:32am. The order shipped @ 3:32pm the SAME DAY. Granted I did not order a 50 gallon drum of VG, but man, you just CANNOT complain about how fast they can get things out the door.

Just passing it on to the ELR crew.


Sweet! On big sales their processing times did get ridiculous. But for my experience, their processing times have always been pretty good. Once they get their shipping issues fixed, they will be great!

Either way, great to hear something positive instead of complaints. Isn’t it funny that when something is wrong we can’t bitch fast enough, but when things are right we don’t say anything at all?

Human nature I guess :slight_smile:


EXACTLY @MysticRose I do try to put up all the details, good or bad.


Thank you for the kind words! We try our best to accommodate and appreciate this :slight_smile:



Will you be adding any additional Wonder Flavors options? Or other brands?

If so, do you know when?

Thank You!


Most don’t. And it’s a shame.

I try to do this frequently, because A. It’s unexpected, and almost always makes someone’s day! And B. Having done the front lines with customer service, and the back lines with shipping and receiving, it’s nice to see the working stiffs get some acknowledgement and appreciation!!

Lastly, folks who do deliver to shelf performance, should be shown that appreciation! Not only does word of mouth travel and their business can grow, but to also make it easier for those who don’t, to figure out how to do things right! (As they watch all the praise and dollars rolling in to their competition!)


Hello! We do plan on expanding this brand soon :slight_smile:

As of right now we’re working on our facility since we’ve expanded a bit faster than we expected in regards of the inventory. I’d say we’d be expanding on this brand in a couple of months to be safe. It hopefully will be sooner but as of right now this would be the best answer until more answers start coming together :relaxed:

Thank you! :slight_smile:


@Nicotine_River do you have any idea if/when you will be getting Purilum Sweet Strawberry back in stock?


Hello! These were formulated and shipped from Purilum’s facility Monday and should be arriving this Friday or next Monday depending on FedEx’s speed!

Thank you, my apologies for the delay


Nothing to apologize for, I had a small order and wished to add that flavor to it, I’ll hold off on my order in hopes that you’ll receive your shipment and update the site as to it’s availability (and hopefully not have one of the other items get sold out in the mean time lol).


Sounds good! Let me know if you need anything else :slight_smile:


Hey from Arkansas!


Definitely wasn’t my last experience. There is absolutely no reason it should take more than 24 hours to pack an order up and ship out. If a company can’t do that they need to hire more packers.