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Nicotine River - Multiple Nicotine Brands, Great Prices, Free Shipping, and so much more!


I guess not.


Really enjoying the wonder flavors SC. Except i missed the fact that Crispy Wafer has sucralose! In it. My bad for not reading the ingredients but i wish flavor suppliers would allow us to sweeten on our own with our choice of sweetener or none at all. That being said perhaps a warning label is in order?
@Nicotine_River can you please add more of the Wonder SC’s there are many i would like to try without having to buy a min 16oz direct from wonder flavors… Thank you for your time and consideration


Speaking of flavor requests… i noticed nicriver now sells some euroflavors… Yellow Mango seems to be a popular one of theirs, i’d like to try


Also, wouldnt mind trying that Apple Butter RF SC. I believe they only sell 4oz and bigger on their site now.


We’ll be adding more Wonder Flavors most likely at the beginning of this year! :slight_smile:

Thank you!


Unfortunately, we didn’t have a sale just because we’ve been fine tuning some things in our facility! We are expecting to have a New Years Sale though :slight_smile:


Do you have a date set for that? Will it be a one day sale for New Year’s or could we expect the sale to go live this weekend?


Hey Kenbu! The sale is scheduled to start the 31st at 12:01AM and end January 1st 11:59PM

Thank you!


Cool. Thanks for letting us know.


Nice, I love sales! Its an excuse for me to buy new flavors, I can’t turn it down!

•We admitted we are powerless over our addiction and our lives have become unmanageable


Coupon code?! Its 3:01am EST


Yeah got my cart ready to go! Just need that discount. :slight_smile:


Maybe they forgot? Hopefully gets fixed soon.


Probably… If they weren’t a little cheaper than BCF I might not be as patient.


Is there a code for the New Years sale ? @Nicotine_River


Maybe they worded the sale period wrong and meant to say 12:01 Jan 1st so the sale is to cover just New Years day??


I hope that’s the case. I really don’t see them posting a probable sale and not going thru with it.


For sure…they wouldn’t mislead us. If they said they were having a sale, you can bet they’re having one. Even if something happened and there was a technical issue they would make it up with a sale when it was fixed


If that’s the case, it’s weird to write it like they did. Wouldn’t it be something like January 1st 12:01am to 11:59pm?

I’ve never seen anyone mistakenly type 31st bolded and not meant to say 31st.

Sounds like it’s supposed to be a 2 day sale to me.


I’m as impatient as anyone I know when it comes to Vape Mail. I’ll hit the place order button, and start looking for the Mail truck! Haha, But I’m sure something will be posted about a sale soon.