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Nicotine River - New Flavor Labels, Updates, and more!


Happy Thanksgiving man, how you doin?
I have no choice, I can’t get nic here, I have to pay shipping.


Happy Thanksgiving to you as well. Been good, yourself?


I’m good too thanks.


Just out of curiosity, what’s going on with the inventory? I’m guessing it’s from the move and will hopefully be back up to par soon, but it seems like 1/3 of your flavors are out of stock and have been for a bit. I’ve been having to buy at other vendors because I can’t get half of what I need. Do you know roughly when you’ll be back to normal?


Is this regarding the flavorings that only offer 10ml, 1oz, and 4oz sizing?


Not exactly, I was just looking at PUR, HS, FR, INW and there’s a lot of these that are sold out. Normally there’s only a few but lately there seems to be a substantial amount of them sold out


I understand, for these certain flavorings we will actually be discontinuing them off of our website due to low sales. However, there’s a brightside to the story! With this inventory depletion and deletion we will soon be adding a variety of new flavorings/companies and products to our site! We’re sure the new products will satisfy our customers, it is unfortunate that they’re being discontinued from our site however, with limited inventory space we are forced to work with limitations of stocking everything we’d hope to. :slight_smile:


Which actually sucks if one of your ADV has a purilum flavour in it (Purilum Toasted Coconut Mango Sherbet) and you are no longer able to get it. Oh I could order direct from Purilum if I buy 5 gallons @ $185 per gallon. Pretty much means I will never use any Purilum flavours again since I am unsure if you will continue to supply them.

I have to say that I am not at all happy.


Thats definitely a heart breaker. There’s a lot of really good flavors that looks like will be gone now. Are you guys doing away with these lines completely or just the flavors that are out of stock?


Can’t wait to see the new arrival list.


These flavor houses will stay, simply certain flavorings from the houses will be replaced with new flavorings.


Good to know, that about gave me a heart attack. There’s a lot that are out of stock that are really good, hopefully it’s just a coincidence and will be back. I’m not gonna get to excited, most of them I can get other places if need be. But you certainly gave my interest, I look forward to see what’s coming. I’m a flavor addict, and at 1200 I still have room for at least another 1k lol


I understand your frustration with us no longer carrying these products however, due to the limited inventory space we have and the low sales numbers the certain flavors provided it was ultimately a business decision. The ability to carry new flavor houses and products that customers have requested for quite some time is the seemingly brightside to this deletion.

I apologize for the inconvenience as our goal was never to combat the ease of ordering certain products. Our goal is to add new products that will help diversify and progress the uniqueness of recipes and the industry as a whole. We appreciate any understanding of the situation.


Great to hear! I can assure you, the new products we will be adding in the near future will be worth the wait! :slight_smile:


I know it was mentioned before that you will be having a BF type sale in mid December @Nicotine_River but any chance that could be moved up? You have some flavors I need but the more time that goes by the more I just buy from another source, have a package coming direct from INW as we speak as I could not wait any longer. There are still some items I need from NR but another 2 weeks is killer, my friends vape while sleeping I think, the only way I can figure they can go through so much juice.

I want to continue buying from you and understand the pain in moving but please, lets get back to normal asap.


It just means to me that Purilum even though they have some great flavours will never be used in a mix I do again since as I mentioned supply cannot be guaranteed.

Purilum’s MOQ makes it less than economical to order direct - unless they let you guys order in smaller quantities than the 5 gallon they offered me . I have a litre as i pretty much bought all you guys had when the 500ml bottles disappeared. This will help me for the short term but long term is another story.


Hello, as it currently stands we will still be having the sale mid-December so unfortunately we will not be able to change that date. The main purpose of the delay is so that we have the opportunity to catch up and work on our production before the heavy rush of orders. In the past we have had issues with production speeds slowing drastically due to the sale so we are working diligently now to avoid this issue as much as possible in the future.


I understand and I do apologize again as this was not our ultimate intention. If I can answer any further questions or concerns please let me know.


I mean no disrespect and have been a very loyal customer, but I hope that voicing my critic is allowed.

I don’t know what happened to be honest.

First you’re discontinuing NicSelect, which as I understood was due to issues with the shipper/brand.

All the sudden this is addressed via email and the new product is pushed - PurNic.

There’s no samples or sales being promoted during that time, for people to try the new nicotine. But we’re rather being told how great PurNic is. That is based on what? 3-50 customer reviews? The “testers” that got a bottle somehow? Your lab team? If so do they vape and at what strength?

Then sales are moved and don’t get me wrong, I don’t need companies doing sales, but the moment I have a problem is the time you’re announcing sales, telling us to watch out for day/month x. Then nothing happens, not even after being asked besides “we will send out an email” that gets to ppl 5 hrs to 3 days later, having some random excuse.

Just say we don’t want to do sales for the public but stick to our wholesale customers, less aggravating.

After that we’re now looking at product quality. Never had an issue, nicotine/pg/vg were clear and odor less. Bottles very well packaged including flavors.

Last two orders I received were dark pale nicotine, which I guess is fine. Pg that smelled like tuna, dented gallon of vg without proper aluminum/vaccum seal.

Since you guys switched the bottles for flavors, most caps don’t close or leak during shipping. Some leak after opening because of that new horrible capping system.

Now you discontinuing flavors that we’re only available at your store due to sales, understandable maybe but the “new promise” of stocking newer brands. Guess that’s just as good as the promise we got months back about stocking flavors from existing brands, that are not new, but are still not added.

horrible processing and shipping times, again promised improvement after facility move. You moved for months, so I assume now it’s fixed, maybe?

I could go on, but I’m sorry even through that I referred ppl to you guys and patiently waited for improvement. I feel like a total fool and that’s what makes me step away.

I don’t know if you guys realize it, but every customer is great not just wholesaler that purchase thousands of dollars at your store. Anyways, maybe someone listens one day. Wish you guys all the best.


I have to agree with a lot of what you said.
I feel that Nic River are good at talking here, their lip service is second to none, but feel that they have gone way downhill compared to what they were a year or two ago.
I guess the bigger a company gets the less they care or need to worry about their smaller customers.