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Nicotine River - New Flavor Labels, Updates, and more!


Hello and thank you for your feedback,

Regarding NicSelect we were ordered to no longer sell that product from the manufacturer of that product with no choice. We found an alternative supplier of Nicotine which is also Indian based since that is the closest comparison to the product that people were already comfortable with.

As for the Purnic brand itself and its release we sent out samples to some people on this forum and also sent the product to a variety of companies that used our previous product. We neglected the idea of a sale for the simple fact that it would flood our system with orders in which we were not capable of keeping up with.

Sales, we assumed by Black Friday we would be caught up to speed after the move and fires however due to production limitations we found it in the best interest of our staff and customers that we’ll have a sale when we are able to ship in a more efficient manner. We are aware that not having a Black Friday sale disappointed our customer base however, we’re trying to avoid last years issue of drastic delays in which we aggravated more customers than we did help them.

As for PG and VG we have been using the same suppliers for years now since we have contracts with specific providers of the ingredients, if you have experienced bad batches please let our customer service know: info@nicotineriver.com so that they can assist and possibly replace/refund the products.

Regarding Nicotine, it is a plant based product so batches do vary however, we have experienced negative batches here and there for reasons unknown in which our supplier is diligently looking into as we speak. We had a representative of our company in India 2 days ago working on this.

For the bottles, we switched providers due to the high costs that were being implemented on to us from our previous supplier. They stated that the smaller “bullet” style bottles were increasing in price due to molding issues. We are aware that in certain circumstances they can leak and of course leaking bottles is not our intention. We are working on this.

Regarding the stocking of new brands and further stocking of already selling brands, we have not yet proceeded with this for an important reason. We did not want to order their flavorings and stock them on our shelves simply to take them off and move them to a new location. There are a variety of companies that I personally have spoken to about stocking their products but the timing has been incorrect to carry through on this. This has been a huge goal of ours for quite some time that we have not been able to proceed with.

Our new facility is still being set up as we speak and by no means did we move and everything was set to be perfect the moment we got here. We’ve been transitioning this move for over half a year due to an inexplicable amount of complications that this move has entailed regarding the city, regulations, production issues, and etc.

We have been diligently working on settling in and catching up with orders so that we can finally sit down and work on the future of the company, the products we will carry, the improvements we can make, and etc. However, taking this company from a 14,000 Square foot facility to a 45,000 Square foot facility has been inexplicably difficult. We cannot afford to add new products and run sales while we’re still in the process of settling in, it does not make sense from our standpoint.

For production speeds, we are currently working with a company as we speak that is dedicated to solely shipping products out in the fastest and most efficient way using barcodes, computer automated systems, conveyor belts, etc. They will be assisting us with all DIY based orders however, they are still being set up as well since we have just recently attained the keys to the building.

All in all, we do apologize for not pulling through on certain things in which you have mentioned but, I cannot stress enough the reasoning behind why there has been a delay. Nicotine River still has the same Owner and same employees it had since the beginning. Only difference now is that we’re trying to grow while staying consistent with customer requests and what the industry demands. Our biggest goal as of this moment is to get settled in and run as efficiently as possible which is still in the works until the fulfillment company is 100% up to speed. As of this moment, there is no set date or time this will occur but I can assure you that we are working diligently to eliminate all doubts of our companies progression. We are well aware of what the DIY community offers us and we’d be foolish to neglect the great opportunity we’ve been given to be a supplier of this industry for that community.

I understand your point of view and I would be frustrated/disappointed as well. I hope you understand our point of view as well and if there’s any more information I can convey to help clear up the concerns please let me know.


I can’t think of a BETTER way to run a thread @Nicotine_River and @eStorm. I have been a fairly long time customer of NR and haven’t placed an order in a while, but never had any issues from them in the past. I read eStorm’s post closely, and it rang true, and genuine. I was not shocked, per se, but glad to see such a detailed response by NR. I will continue to watch this thread.


Never had any issues. If I did Im sure an email would solve it.

IMO… I think everyone benefits from the competitive pricing they have had in building their business. So if you’ve been enjoying lower prices elsewhere, you probably have NR to thank for that a little. @Nicotine_River Keep up the good work.


I agree with you. Ive seen first hand a few of the other resellers drop their prices to match NR. Not to mention NR was the only ones to offer 2oz options for a long time. It wasn’t until about 3-4 months ago that BCF started adding them to their site and they still haven’t covered all the lines yet. And to your point, the set the price to match NR. So for sure they are the ones setting the standard which we can all be thankful for.


@Nicotine_River what about the different Nicotine brands?

I thought you guys were going to stock several brands, and now I don’t see a couple of those on your site anymore?

Edit: I’ve also been waiting several months for a sale, and have passed up on several Black Friday sales for nic. Please don’t make me regret it


Hello, regarding Nicotine brands we currently carry three at the moment,

PurNic - Indian Based
Glass - Chinese Based
Chemnovatic - Polish Based

We worked diligently to cover the main focal points of Nicotine providers so customers could easily access a variety of Nicotine from different origins: India, China, and Europe.

Our original intention was to also carry CNT and AmeriNic.

However, after communicating with these companies we realized that growing with them and offering their product was not of the best interest of our company and theirs for reasons I cannot disclose. They are great brands and we do not discredit their Nicotine products at all, we just unfortunately were not able to work out a deal lucrative for both ends of the table. :slight_smile:


How long ago was this? I ordered some nic just after they switched to PurNic and everything was well-packaged and the nic is way better than the NicSelect I ordered from them a year before. That NS was harsh from the beginning, and I didnt really know it was the nic causing it until I switched to PN. Dented VG jugs are probably caused by careless shipping companies, not sure I’d hold that against NR unless you contacted thsm and they refused to make it right. Not sure how they missed the aluminum seal, though! Or TunaPG! Huh? Never knew that was possible.

My question is: Did you call and tell NR that your order was not satisfactory? And, if so, what was their response? They were very quick to send out replacements when I had a weird order.


Im with you my friend , NR , ECX and BCF all have been great … I appreciate NR free shipping after 50$ they dont exclude anything including Nic over 48mg/ml… I also dont expect perfection though , shit happens and if a company makes it right then the mistake is forgotten . I think if NR did something like ECX where every friday they pick a brand and discount ot thru the weekend it would be cool , anyway ive always felt NR has appreciated the little orders and valued our opinions. I remember when they started doing 30ml bottles they asked us which ones should be done first etc … NR your tops in my book


How about a list of the flavorings you will not be carrying anymore ?


I’m trying to place an order with NR over $50 and it’s not giving me free shipping. Why?


I will PM you about this now.


Sure thing, will post a list here momentarily! :slight_smile:


Please keep in mind that some of these flavors may reappear on our site depending on popular demand once they leave. The main purpose of this discontinuation is to free up valuable inventory space in which new products will take place. We know this may make ordering certain flavors difficult and that is not our intention. We’d love to carry every flavor for the customers ease of ordering products all in one location, however we are no Amazon and we must stay economical with the variety we can offer.

There is no set date of when the new products will be added as we’re taking this one step at a time. We are already in the works of speaking with a variety of brands for future planning.

Here is the list of flavors being discontinued from our website specifically,


Caramel V1
Chocolate Fudge Brownie V2
Peanut Butter V2
Vanilla Cupcake V2
Yellow Peach

Capella Silver Line

Apple Snacks
Blueberry Extra
Butter Pecan
Cinnamon Sugar
Rainbow Candy
Whipped Marshmallow

Euro Flavor

Lemon Cake
Red Grapefruit
White Peach

Flavor Apprentice

Almond Amaretto
Apple Tart
Bittersweet Chocolate
Black Tea
Caramel Cappuccino
Chai Tea
Cherry Blossom
Cherry Cola
Chocolate Coconut Almond
Cinnamon Spice
Cocoa Rounds
Cola Syrup
Dr. Pop
Dulce de Leche Caramel
DX Banana Foster
DX Cinnamon Danish
DX Coconut Candy
DX Pralines and Cream
DX Red Velvet
Egg Nog
English Toffee
French Vanilla II
Fruit Smoothie
Ginger Ale
Gingerbread Cookie
Green Apple
Green Tea
Hazelnut Praline
Holiday Spice
Honey Circles
Horchata Smooth
Irish Cream
Kalua and Cream
Lemonade Cookie
Maple Syrup
Maraschino Cherry PG
Mary Jane
Mint Candy
Musk Candy
Pralines and Cream
Pumpkin Spice
Red Oak
Rose Candy
Strawberry Organic Compliant
Thin Mint Cookie
DK Tobacco
Tutti Frutti

Flavor Revolution

Black Licorice
Camp Fire
Cotton Candy
Graham Cracker
Honey Cake
Hot Cocoa
Raspberry Jam
Strawberry Candy
Traditional Menthol

Flavor West

Butterscotch Natural
Cloud 9
Monkey Fart


Apple Candy
Apple Cider
Apple Cranberry
Arabian Tobacco
Beer Nuts
Berry Blend
Blackberry Blossom
Cherry Blossom
Dragon Fruit
Eisai Tea
Greek Yogurt
Green Tea
Irish Cream
Lemon Grass
Lovage Root
Maple Bar
Marshmallow Treat
Morning Mimosa
Oatmeal Raisin
Orange Citrus
Pastry Zest
Persimmon Spice
Rainier Cherry
Red Apple
Red Cinnamon
Red Raspberry
Red Tea
Red Velvet
Smooth Vanilla
Strawberry Cream
Strawberry Smash
Sugar Orchid
Sun Cookie
Tropical Citrus
Wood Spice
Yakima Hops


Breakfast Cereal
Morning Sun
Red Bean
Reggae Night
Summer Clouds
Zen Garden


Australian Choc
Deluxe Tobacco
Elder Captain


Cherry Anise
Chocolate Cream
Milk Chocolate
Raw Pineapple
Shisha Apple
Shisha Banana
Shisha Coconut
Shisha Gingerbread
Shisha Pineapple
Shisha Punch
Shisha Sex on The Beach
Shisha Tropical


Peach Colorless


Banana Split
Candy Cake
Cherry Cola
Chocolate Cake
Chocolate Cherry
Cream Cheese Danish with Toasted Almonds
Grapefruit Mojito
Pineapple Cake
Red Licorice
Simply Cake
Sour Cherries and Oranges
Toasted Coconut Mango Sherbet
Vanilla Nut Brittle
Yellow Cake

Real Flavors Super Concentrates

Bread Pudding
Deep Fried Sponge Cake

Stixx Mixx

Aged Burley
American Virginian
Black Cavendish
Brazilian Habano Viso
Butter Rum Cavendish
Canadian Virginian
Dark Fire
Havana Primed
Honduran Ligero
Nicaraguan Seco
Sweet Brightleaf
Turkish Oriental
Turners Tea
Whiskey Cavendish
Strawberry Tea

Wonder Super Concentrates

Champagne Soda
Frozen Yogurt
Lemon Lime Soda
Macadamia Nut
Ripe Galia Melon
Sweet and Sour Purple Drink


That’s a lot of of flavors. So sad but understandable.


so are they gone from the site completely or are you blowing them out at a discount price ??? there are some pretty good flavors your dropping …


We will be having a sale on these flavors, they’re being bottled right now as we speak. They state “Sold Out” on the website but there will be a sale specifically on those flavorings. Date is TBD! :slight_smile:


Can we vote now so they will reappear pronto? :rofl: after the blow out of course, seriously tho i do see a bunch that i am sure many peps will miss.


never mind


Whoa, looks like Flavorah is gonna be cut big time, guess it makes sense, hard to stock 180 flavors from one brand and there the most expensive to boot.

Will you announce here when the clearance flavors will be live on the site @Nicotine_River?


yes im very interested to see the clearance on the FLV

@Nicotine_River please let us know asap ty