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Nicotine River - New Flavor Labels, Updates, and more!


Hello everyone! Here’s some news about our upcoming sale!

The coupon code is: Firework

This code is for 15% off all flavors!

Starting Saturday 17th at 12:00AM PST

Ending Monday 19th at 11:59PM PST

Thank you! Happy Holidays! :slight_smile:


Ordered on 2/10, received 2/14. Thanks @Nicotine_River Fast shipping.


Hey guys! We’ve just released 4 new Nicotine River Flavors! :slight_smile:

Check out: Bliss, Maui, Spring Fling, and Summer Breeze with this link!



How did I miss this! :face_with_symbols_over_mouth: :sob:
@Nicotine_River Question,I just placed a rather large order #76806 because I was wanting to try some of the Purilum flavors and pick up some lab supplies. I noticed we had a discount code to get 20% off Purilum on our resource page. It no longer works.:sob::sob:
Of course that was nothing compared to the savings I could have had if I checked this thread first!:face_with_symbols_over_mouth: :sob:
Also any more news when the Purilum Sweet Strawberry will be in stock ? Was really wanting to add that to my order.


Sweet Strawberry is expected to arrive this week! :slight_smile: PM’ing you about this now


Wow , Thank you @Nicotine_River for adding the discount! Totally my fault that I missed it and I wasn’t expecting a refund!
I was just hoping to get the discount code put back in place for the Purilum flavors or make sure it gets removed as no one likes finding a code then discovering it no longer works.
Thank you again for being so active in the forum!


My last order arrived on the fifth day after ordering. Much improved, thanks!
I just missed the sale but no big deal. My 4 yr old was off preschool so i was home with him yesterday and kept thinking it was sunday all day, lol. Also didnt realize you re-upped on a bunch of flv stuff i need. Oh well, stuff for my next order


Of course! Always here to take care of our customer base :slight_smile:

Thank you for everything!


Glad to hear your order got to you in a timely manner! Whatever you need in the future, just give us a holler and we’re here :slight_smile:


do you know when your Flavorah is going to be stocked again , almost every flave i want you guys are out of stock :frowning:


Hey! I just spoke with our inventory manager and we should have most of everything but there are 5 Flavors awaiting shipment from their facility.

What flavors are you looking at that are out if you don’t mind me asking? I can double check and make sure that the website inventory is accurate.

Thank you! :slight_smile:


frosting , biscotti , cream , popcorn , boysenberry, and a few more but im not at home and theybare written down , about half of the ones i wanted to order were out of stock this weekend and id like to order all at once , so ill keep an eye out , most of these flaves are first time use so if any are not worth buying let me know , actually only one ( cream ) i have used b4


Kinda surprised my order hasn’t received a tracking number after ordering on Sunday.


@Nicotine_River are you gonna sell the flavourart pazzo oneshot line? If so, any date for them yet?


Please PM your order number, I’ll look into this


We will be selling these, they’re arriving this week! They’ll be up on the site this week hopefully

Thank you! :slight_smile:


Having the Flavor Manager take care of this, I will update you shortly with a solution to this :slight_smile:


Hey @fidalgo_vapes, we have everything in stock that you listed except for: Popcorn

The website has been updated! :slight_smile: As for the out of stock flavorings, they are being ordered and on the way!


awesome thank you for double checking and ill get that order placed in the next day or so …


Yay, I have been waiting for this one…I love, love, love it! But do you have any idea when the PUR Watermelon will be available again?