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Nicotine River - New Flavor Labels, Updates, and more!


Hey guys, we have had plenty of customers request information on PurNic. Long story short, us as well as many other suppliers had a falling out with NicSelect. We are physically unable to sell the NicSelect product on our site due to NicSelect’s request. PurNic derives from Indian tobacco and is purified within India. It has all necessary certifications and is up to par with all current regulations.

In our eyes, PurNic is extremely similar when compared to NicSelect. PurNic is smooth, consistent, clean, and best of yet it’s a little bit cheaper than the average brand! We’ve had hundreds of companies try the new Nicotine and have loved the product. @GPC2012 tried some of the new brand and he found it to be almost indentical compared to our previous supplier as well!

Any further questions, ask away! :slight_smile:


I ordered the 100 mgml liter 50/50 PUR Nic, I have a liter of a year old Heartland that I just bottled up yesterday and put in the freezer, I don’t know why I waited so long to freeze it, {lazyness}, but it did oxidize a little even sitting in a cool dark spot un-opened and sealed, so this liter of PUR is getting bottled and froze as soon as I get it. except for a small bottle for my own testing and use, That I will review. I will keep the Heartland for a back up, I think I bought this before they ( Heartland) advertised it was Nic-Select so not quit sure what it was, but I do remember the first liter I bought, and bottled and froze stayed nice and clear till the last bottle I took out of the freezer (I bought 2 liters and bottled and froze one of the 2 when I got it.


i pulled the trigger , ill let you know it took some time to find a nic i loved which was Nic Select so ill definitely let everyone know my opinion… sucks nicselect wasnt smart enough to keep doing business with u guys


I’m so picky with my nicotine. I tried some other places before taking my business over to nicotine river.

I can’t stand the slightest throat hit/tingle or nic that has a huge impact on my juices/flavors.

I think it took me nearly 8 month to settle for NicSelect. Now I gotta either try chemnovatic nic and hope they have salts as well or find a other supplier :frowning:

Its really frustrating, is there a chance you guys offering like other vendors a 10-20ml option? Of course not for free but I would hate having to buy 60ml of 3 or 4 different NICs just to find out that I might not like it. Maybe consider a sample size for the first month or two of introduction :wink:


Wes see the email I just sent regarding thread title


When I was looking at Nic River it looked like they are going to have a few nicotine carriers Chemnovatic being one, but it was not available yet.


Yeah I saw that but not sure I’ll like it. Last time I tried that one, it wasn’t very satisfying.

Then again I’ll give the company (not NR or chemno directly) the benefit of the doubt and say that maybe my sample wasn’t as fresh as it could of been. Or maybe due to whatever process in cutting it to a specific strength, wasn’t clean enough.

But out of all the new options NR is going to offer, I would give this one, a second try and see if it was just a fluke. At least I hope it was lol. Maybe I’m wrong but the other options just don’t excite me as of right now.

But we will see, anyways thank you for pointing it out tho, much appreciated :hugs:


Sorry, thought that was a privet reply to eStorm, Pm me if you did not get that.


This isn’t so much for product but last month when I went to place a order on my note8 phone I had huge issues when I tried to pop up my cart it would disappear soon as I tapped to open and when I went to change nic it would not change from vg nic or let me select what mg I wanted like the button was broken or something. Maybe it was on my end I dunno but the frustration caused me to place my first order from someone else. Love this site and love that NR is on here talking with the people. Hopefully their site will show some love to my phone b4 my next order


Android version and browser details might help them! :wink: (I’ve read on a couple phone forums that the Note does things a bit differently sometimes, though that info may be out of date.)

Also, sorry you had problems, and welcome to ELR!


I still say Fed EX sucks, they are taking as long as my order from china almost, although it looks like china may have the beat it this time, I don’t really care if usps misses a scan as long as they deliver, Do us a favor and drop Fed ex, slow very very slow. and when its in town they ship it 300 miles away to make the estimated time of arrival. I ordered the same day from another company both shipped same day, it was here Friday, NR Wednesday, not either companies fault, but the choice of carriers. @Nicotine_River


Hello, glad that you’ve brought this attention! We’ve recently hired a company that specializes in fixing our website and managing bugs and I’ll have them take a look at all this. Slowly but surely, they’ve been taking care of minor bugs on the site.

I’ll share this information with that team and have them look into this.

I just have a few questions that would help solve this issue greatly! Was this on a mobile device or computer? Android or iPhone? Also, what browser are you using to view our site?


Hello, I know FedEx can be a bit strange sometimes and I do apologize on their behalf. Unfortunately, we are required to ship FedEx since almost all of our orders contain Nicotine over 60mg. The FAA and DOT have contacted us multiple times in regards to shipping Nicotine properly and unfortunately it’s a policy that we must stick to. We’d love to ship everything via USPS with 2-3 Day transit times but unfortunately, if the Nicotine exceeds 60mg it cannot ship via plane which is USPS’s main source of transportation. Generally if the package is within the correct weight bracket and does not involve any hazardous materials, it will ship with USPS. In the near future we will be improving fulfillment times across the board and all customers will be receiving shipments much quicker. Although we have been restricted to using just FedEx, we will be sure to make it work as efficiently as possible once our new systems are set in place.

I appreciate the patience with our company and if anyone has questions feel free to ask! :slight_smile:


A couple things: firstly I wanna say kudos on your house flavors, I bought bliss to try a couple months ago, did my single flavor testing, and it was so good; really nice for my pallet. So for the Memorial Day sale I got more that I can’t wait to try. So thank you for that. :slight_smile:

I also got a large bottle of your salt nics. I really like your smooth salt nic for my regular mixes, but how does it freeze? I wanna get my stock pile up just incase some bs goes down. Ya feel!

Thank you for providing great quality products. That’s why you’re my nic vendor of choice.


Glad to hear you’re satisfied! It’s always great to hear back from a customer on what they’re enjoying from our brand! :slight_smile:

As for then Nicotine Salts, they actually last longer than Freebase due to their anti-oxidative properties + you can put them in a freezer just fine! In a freezer, Nicotine Salts can be preserved for quite some time! We always say, if it’s over a year then we recommend replacing the batch, but Salts have the ability to last years. :slight_smile:

Just please keep in mind that it still will oxidize slowly and possibly deteriorate in strength over long periods of time when stored!


Watermelon Cotton Candy? Does it actually taste like a good cotton candy? I really like the Purilum Watermelon.


Are you guys done selling 1oz bottles of TFA flavors? I don’t see them listed any longer.


Hello! With TFA they are the only brand we unfortunately do not offer 1oz’s due to their pricing structure. We once did in the past for a few weeks but it just wasn’t working out as well as we hoped. :slight_smile:


That’s fine with me. I can get a 60ml bottle of TFA from you guys for pretty damn close to what a 30ml cost on other sites.


Yes it does. Its great solo at 8%. I also like 1% watermelon pur, 0.5% honeydew pur, 1% cantaloupe pur, and 7% watermelon cotton candy. It taste like a wild melon cotton candy. I also add 2 drops of flv cotton candy per 10ml. It’s really good!