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Nicotine River - New Flavor Labels, Updates, and more!


@cincinnatiking79 yeah, its a good cotton candy, absolutely. What @juice_junkie_lover said about it, and adding just bits of other stuff to change it up a bit. I also just yesterday added i think 1% of flv wild melon to 7 or 8% pur wmcc just for something different and its good. Recommended for sure


Hey @Nicotine_River! I see that you guys are going to be carrying AmeriNic nicotine, do you have an ETA on when that’s going to be available?


Unfortunately we do not have an ETA at the moment! We are expecting this new brand to be available relatively soon once the shipment is received at our location. All in all, it shouldn’t be long!


Hi @Nicotine_River,
Could you upload a clickable link on your website for your Vegetable Glycerin SDS and COA? If this can not be done right away, could you email them directly?

Thank you kindly,

  • Leilani


Hello, regarding our SDS’s we are currently working on a master file accessible to everyone that would eliminate this issue. As of right now, I can get them emailed direct! Please PM your email and I’ll send them over :slight_smile:


Thank you. That’s great to hear that you are working on a master file that will be accessible to everyone. This will include a master list of COA & SDS sheets for all your base chemicals?

I have PM’d you.


COA’s are still in consideration since they require much more upkeep than SDS’s and requests for COA’s are not nearly as common. As for the SDS’s of every product we offer, they definitely will be on the master file :slight_smile:


So there is a possibility that the COA’s for bases like PG & VG will not be provided on your site? Regarding upkeep, what type of upkeep would that entail? Looking online (VG as an example) I see that quite a few vendors provide the current COA for the lots that they carry.


In regards to the COA’s if we did carry these, it would be specifically for bases only such as VG, PG, Nic. We do deal with multiple suppliers so it would entail constantly updating COA’s to the file rather than just keeping them on hand which is inevitable. As for the Flavoring aspect of things, COA’s do not seem likely as they are requested very rarely with flavor and with 1,500 or more flavorings it would require quite a lot of attention to maintain as a live file. Flavor COA’s will still be accessible via our company by just reaching out for specific COA’s. :slight_smile:


I apologize that I wasn’t clearer in my question regarding COA’s. I was referring to bases, such as VG, PG & NIC and not the flavorings. I can see that you have multiple manufacturer Nicotine now available; so does this also mean that you have multiple suppliers for your VG & PG also?


I understand what you mean now :slight_smile:

As for the multiple VG and PG suppliers, this is true. The bottled VG and PG is generally the same brand that all consumers receive such as the people here that do DIY. For Drums and Totes on a wholesale level, we offer a variety of companies to accommodate for Supply & Demand issues that have been known to randomly appear in this industry and simply for Customer Preferences. :slight_smile:


Oh I see. Understood. So this is why the origin of your PG is not stated and the VG origin is stated as “Malaysia” only. However, it’s good to know that you are considering uploading the COA’s for your bases. I hope this is a strong consideration in the future.

Thank you for your timely responses.


We are strongly considering putting the base COA’s on the site and most likely will be :slight_smile:

We will just need some time to gather all the information so that it’s accurate and continuously stays up to date, have a good night! Let me know if you need anything else


Just out of curiosity, why is that?


Great question, there are many reasons why but the key reasons are because: Supply Demand Inventory issues, customer preference, and price fluctuation. Out of all products sold within the vaping industry, VG is single handledly the most sporadic product (wholesale wise). One week it can be extremely cheap with no issues at all, and the next week there could be an inventory issue, price increase, and a certain brand will be out of stock. All in all, we carry a variety brands to be on the safe side, and to ensure that we can always provide customers with the VG they’re comfortable with. :slight_smile:


Sorry! I was asking in regards to flavors.

Are well established manufacturers actually changing flavors frequently enough to make this an issue? :flushed:

Wouldn’t they have to go through a PMTA every time they made a change? Or perhaps I’m unfamiliar (or at least not placing the acronym) with COA in this context?


Do you offer any of the new Nic selections in the glass bottles with the self sealing plug? The ones you use a Leuer Slip syringe to dispense from. Just curious as I really like this method for reducing the chance for oxidation and minimizing any chances of spilling from a tipped over bottle.



Sweet exactly what I was looking for but couldn’t find. :+1::+1:


Another good question, flavor manufacturers aren’t changing flavors enough that it would cause issues. We would definitely have a live file of flavor SDS’s on the site since those do not need to be updated often as COA’s. As for the flavor COA’s they would only be available by request since we go through so much flavoring that keeping a live file updated would require constant upkeep. Eventually further in the future we may have live flavor COA’s on the site but for now we are just planning on starting with bases since they’re easier to maintain. :slight_smile: