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Nicotine River - New Flavor Labels, Updates, and more!


Hi NR. Two days ago you stated in your post -

Was the notification email already sent?

Thank you for any information or updates you can provide.


Hello! The email has unfortunately not been sent yet but is being sent shortly once our marketing advisor enters the office. We were unable to get a hold of them last night and so we have moved the code send time to in a few hours! With this slight time change it will actually help get orders out faster and take stress of the shipping team. :slight_smile:

The sale will be store wide! Code is coming within a few hours! Our apologies for the mix up, future sales will not have this issue as we are resolving why this happened.


Thank you for the update. I will be looking out for your promo email today.



Awesome. I’ve had cold sweats and chills waiting for the code. I know I have a problem, but admitting it is the first step…I’m trying



Thank you :smiley:


See youve got the stixx mixx NETs. You gonna sell their coffees too? Ive heard good things


@Nicotine_River Is the new Inawera Cheesecake you have listed on the site the Yes, We Cheesecake? That’s the one I’ve been waiting for, and I don’t think INW makes any other cheesecake, but want to be sure. Thanks :slight_smile:


I would guess it is, but would like to know for sure before ordering too. I was going to place a order for the sale but don’t need much except for maybe some bullet bottles, but I always am adding to the list of never ending flavors. @Nicotine_River


This gal took advantage of the sale to get some restocks as well as a 2oz French Vanilla Deluxe. You just can’t have too much FV Deluxe. :blush:

Thanks @Nicotine_River, and happy belated 4th!


hey @netweight we will be adding the coffees to our site soon :slight_smile:


Hey Mystic! The “Yes We Cheesecake” is the current Cheesecake we have available on our site :slight_smile:


Good stuff and I agree! Glad you were able to get a good bargain! :slight_smile:


I take it you guys are swamped with orders from the 4th of July sale.Did any orders get processed over the weekend?I know the website said you were now processing on weekends.


Hello! In regards to the sale we are busier than usual but we are working diligently to ship out as many orders as possible. Since we were offer Wednesday the 4th our crew worked Thursday, Friday, and Saturday. There is no set ETA on when all orders will be processed since it’s too soon to say but we are shipping as fast as possible. :slight_smile:


I ordered on the 4th and will receive it on 11th. Very satisfied as always. Thank you and keep up the good work.


I ordered in the last hour of the sale, and haven’t received a shipping notice yet. Thank you for the discount! Definitely not sweating the long processing time, but I did think I would get notified by today. You guys must have had a successful run! I need to finish up the wee last bit of my current nic, anyway. Cheers!


My order although not very large was received in less than a week, today actually. I have always had a pleasurable experience with Nicotine River.


Dig it! You ordered on the 4th?


Late night on the east coast on the 3rd