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Nicotine River - New Flavor Labels, Updates, and more!


I ran out of VG, DOOOOOOUGH… went straight to nicotine River, added 1L to the cart, signed in, went to shipping method and…

7.49 for VG is a good price, but the shipping $18.00? Wow, I have to shop around some. :cry:


I guess I am over reacting, it just seems like USPS ground would cost a padded envelope and should run about 7.50 for shipping and materials? looking at ECX i can save a couple of bucks is all. And they don’t offer USPS either. I have to wait till payday just to order a little bottle of VG :frowning:


Yeah. It’s a tough one. Guess at that price you should spend up to the level to get free shipping.


PM sent but was busy to confirm that it belongs in this thread but https://www.ejuices.com/ is related to NR and offer free us ship’n and understanding is nic over 48mg doesnt qualify.


They wouldn’t send a 1 liter jug in a padded envelope that’s for sure.


I think it has to do with the way the shipping calculates the weight, there’s errors sometimes and it’s something they’ve been fighting with for a while. I know it’s frustrating, and I can say for a fact that NR loses a lot of business from this. There’s always a post in the groups complaining about the shipping costs for a few items (not flammable) and people just stopped using NR. I try to tell them what I’ll suggest to you…give them a call, they’ll figure it out for you and give you the correct cost. It’s happened to me multiple times where adding 1 extra 10ml bottle pushed me into $18 shipping, but I took it out and then added a few 30ml bottles and shipping went down to $5. There’s something wrong with the site at times, but for sure they’ll square you away on the phone… they’re good people


I’ll have to wait till payday, then maybe I can go ahead and muster a $50 order.


You don’t have to do that, give them a call tomorrow and let them know you’re getting a high shipping cost and they’ll be able to tell you if it’s right or not. The weights on products are off sometimes causing shipping to be much higher than it should be. They can at least tell you if it’s right or wrong


Naw it’s all good, I prefer to just wait, we have plenty of juice mixed and can go a couple weeks before we mix. I’ll just order a wee bit more VG this time so I don’t run out prematurely. When I do order I’ll make them PAY for my shipping :stuck_out_tongue:


Hey @Gachatay thank you for helping answer some questions while I was away :slight_smile:

As for shipping we have realized it randomly goes wonky when certain items are added to the cart and this should finally be fixed once our move is finalized. We have not yet transferred facilities due to an error on part of the building developers which is why shipping speeds have not yet greatly increased. We apologize for the delay on anyones order! We have been working overtime and weekends to ensure every package ships out as fast as possible. Good news is, we are expected to be back on track with average shipping speeds by Monday. If anyone has questions feel free to ask away! Just wanted to give everyone an update :slight_smile:


So was this order’s shipping calculated correctly? it came up $7.49 for the VG and $14.16 to ship it?


What zip code would this be going to? You can PM me that info if you’d like


sent it, just mainly curious now, still going to have to wait till payday


Hey @CosmicTruth just took a look, this would have to ship via FedEx since that’s the most cost effective method in this case. FedEx does have a minimum per box no matter what weight so it’s looking to be around $9 to your location. If you were to add more products onto this order, the shipping would increase (depending on the products ordered) this rate could increase slightly or greatly. Hope this helps! Once you have the finalized order, if the website is giving you unusual rates feel free to PM me you order and I can check for you.


OK thanks :slight_smile:


How much do I need to spend in order to get free shipping?


You need to spend $50


I have more than 50 dollars in my cart and it’s charging me shipping.


Its inside the USA.


My 4th of July order arrived this morning! Woohoo! Thanks for the sale, @Nicotine_River :smile: