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Nicotine River - New Flavor Labels, Updates, and more!


HI Cloyce,

There are several reasons why the free shipping might not apply. For example, if you’re shipping outside of the continental US or to a PO Box, free shipping would not be applicable. Another reason might be if you are ordering pure nicotine, a hazardous material fee would apply. If you would like to DM me details regarding your order, I would be happy look into this for you.

Laura- Sales
Nicotine River


You’re welcome Plunderdrum. Thank you for your business!

Sales-Nicotine River


Thanks for taking the time (Laura) @Sales_Nicotine_River to stop in and share some info with us, very much appreciated.


Thank you for letting me know. But why doe’s it matter if I’m shipping to a post office box?


Hey Cloyce, PO boxes are not applicable since USPS is generally more expensive on heavy weights compared to FedEx and USPS cannot legally ship above 48mg of Nicotine (most of our free shipping customers buy 100mg). I know there are some companies that do ship Nicotine via USPS which some customers find odd that we do not, however we must uphold the current FAA regulations and laws. :slight_smile:


AMEN on the Liquid Barn. I wouldn’t have to shop anywhere else if NR carried it. I 100% have to have the LB Vanilla Ice Cream!


Is it really that good? Haven’t tried an LB flavors.


@oso1 It is that good !!


You guys got 10 out of 10 for customer service today.


Glad to hear it :slight_smile:


Hey everyone, feel free to take a look at the other Nicotine brands we offer and ask questions if need be! We’ve noticed there is a lot of interest in the PurNic product but we want to exercise our variety of products and brands! :slight_smile:


I don’t see s NicSheild options for the Glass or Chenovatic. Do you offer any brand besides PurNic in those bottles? Having tried the PurNic in NicSheild, I don’t want my nic in any other container!


Hey Plunderdrum, great question! In regards to adding a NicShield product to the other Nicotine brands we offer it’s up in the air at the moment since we are focusing on establishing our facility. We have noticed that the DIY market enjoys the NicShields, however we will need to change some products around on our site in order for this to be done. Once we are settled in with this new facility we will be introducing new products and this has piqued our interest and is now on our list. Thank you for bringing this up! :slight_smile:


@Nicotine_River Great to have you guys active here for updates, feedback, and back and forths.


@Nicotine_River are there any plans for a labor day sale this year? I know this question is asked every holiday so I figured I’d get it out on the board now. Plus I figured you can spend my money better than me so I’m ready to throw some your way :wink:


It’s probably as usual. The day of the holiday or night prior. It sucks so since you need to hold off on purchases announced prior, and hope it’s a good sale, otherwise you’ll be shopping last minute at other places lol.

Just be patient and watch the forum, since the announcement emails most of the time don’t work :frowning:


I’d like to vote for this too. Put me down for 8,750 votes.


Hello everyone, regarding a labor day sale we unfortunately will not be having one due to the fact that we are in mid process of our move to the new facility. It has taken longer than we expected to move due to the construction and regulatory permits process for all of our electronic equipment within the facility (since the facility is brand new). Having a sale during this time would unfortunately be too much pressure on our team especially now that we are limiting inventory to make the move easier on our end. Good news is that we will be having sales more often once the move is finalized and shipping speeds are expected to increase immensely with near same day shipping on almost all orders guaranteed before a certain time. It’s been quite the process and we apologize for missing out on this sale however, we will be back and better than ever in the near future. We are aiming for end of the September to establish our footing in the new facility, but for now our main focus is to plan everything out accordingly so all goes well. Thank you everyone for understanding!


But…but…I’ve been waiting for this

Just joking. Hope your move goes smoothly :smiley:

Resource page error

Is the coupon code listed on the resources page, PURILUM, no longer valid? Thank you.