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None available


Alright thank you sir :slight_smile:


Yes that is a mistake on our part. A team member will assist you immediately if they haven’t already. If you do not receive a prompt response please email me, Wes@nicotineriver.com and I’ll take care of you.


LorAnn Concentrates are officially up on our site! And do not worry, we’re looking to expand further into LorAnn shortly!

If you have any flavor recommendations please let me know here! Thank you! :slight_smile:


Thanks, I have received a response already.


@Nicotine_River, Coconut-LA , Pineapple-LA and Pińa Colada- LA.


Oooo Lorann flavors, Can you please stock Blackberry LOR it is a great flavor but only available at WizardLabs largest size being 4oz…


^ What Mixologist13 said :point_up_2:


They have been ordered :slight_smile:


Can you let us know when they come in?


I’ll notify this forum when they’re up on the site! :slight_smile:


When is the lemonade coming up for sale? Also what happened to Citrus Menthol. I NEED BOTH!!!


@Skullblade789 You want mine? I wanted the Citrus Menthol too, but the citrus is very weak to me. I’m hoping they come out with a better version. I’ll be more that happy to send it to you along with any of the others you want that didn’t make production? I’ve got probably 25ish bottles.


PM sent to you.


We’ve contacted Purilum about the citrus menthol! Sorry for all the delay Skullblade!


Good lord I need and want it so bad. That stuff is great!!!


Think there’s a chance of making your site allow you to place items in your cart into your wish list? Ive got many flavors I would need to try some new things but because of that I cant order my essentials I’m running out of, and the cart just keeps getting larger and larger. just had to dump all my WANT flavors to make a NEED order. Ill now have to once again go through all those recipes and ALL your flavors again to put that stuff back in my cart. I believe a simple add to wish list button on items in your cart would be very beneficial to both you and I. Thanks in advance for any time you put into this matter



Discount Code: PURILUM

Lasting till: 3/19/17 at Midnight PST!

Good Deals 2017!



Holy Smokes that’s a serious situation (if accurate). Here’s hoping that it’s nothing to do with NR or their CC hosting service provider…and that it is actually some other factor.

Definitely interested in how this turns out.