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Nicotine River - New Flavor Revolution, VG, PG, Free Shipping, and more!


Next wednesday :slight_smile:


Can we preorder?


Unfortunately we do not offer pre-orders on our products! I apologize!


I figured out the how but not the why. I use a start page called Only2Clicks. I have a page of eCig links on it. When I use the Nicotine River link from there I have no wishlist options. When I just use the saved bookmark in Firefox they are there. Weird.


Hey I’m so sorry haha the boss man decided a flash sale for FlavourArt sounded like a good thing to do! I apologize! I know you just ordered :persevere:


So it must be a browser issue? Hmmm odd!


We all use google chrome here and everything works well, have you tried that browser?


I’m making a voodoo doll of all y’all as we speak!


Hahaha I’m so sorry! :sweat_smile: Hope you enjoy the sale though!


So … You put your FlavourArt on sale on Friday. One Day Only. 20% off FlavourArt.
That’s AWESOME !! Especially awesome since I ordered a full cart of FlavourArt from Nicotine River on Wednesday :rage:


We apologize, what was your order number?


A correction to my last post. To be fair to the folks at Nicotine River.
Only 3 of the 6 items I ordered were FlavourART.
The other 3 were FlavorWEST.
AND they contacted me IMMEDIATELY to make this right. It wasn’t necessary, but they did. I for one truly appreciate that level of customer service


Sad. Just checked the site cart is loaded but all the new purilum flavors are sold out already? :frowning: when will they be back in stock? Kind of upset a heads up would have been appreciated ;p


@NicotineRiver waiting for Purilum cookie, honeydew, birthday cake, lemonade and will buy any new purilum flavors lol


thats a great idea though


Yes, I found Chrome to be very user friendly, I hate that, so I uninstalled it.:wink:


We actually haven’t received these flavors from Purilum yet! Our website just states it’s “out of stock” so customers are unable to buy it. These should be up on the site some time this week :slight_smile:


Glad to know chrome helps! If you need anything let me know!


Oh, don’t say that. I just ordered some nic.


I think that was a really old post g