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Nicotine River - New Flavor Revolution, VG, PG, Free Shipping, and more!


Sale starting now! 20% off on all Vegetable Glycerin!

Discount code: VG

Ends Sunday at midnight PST!


does that include VG with nicotine in it?


Unfortunately not. This discount applies only to the vegetable glycerin product itself :slightly_smiling_face:


i recently made my first order from nicotine river and was wondering, on the return address of the package, do they put nicotine river or just NR? i know a lot of places just use their acronym so everyone doesn’t know what is in the package. just curious bc my sister also vapes and don’t like her going through my vape mail (which she is known to do). i usually stop at home and get my packages right away if the return address says anything vape related but dont want to bother if they dont put the whole name on the return address. i have had a lot of packages from element vape and they just put ev and never had a problem, but when i used to order from mtbaker vapor she used to always open up everything before i got to it


This is the shipping label from my last Nic River order.


Is your sister an adult? Child or adult it sounds like you either need to have a talk with her or get a PO Box.


You have nothing to worry about in regards to there being any connection between the shipping label and our company name. It’s simply “The great NR” she will never know!

Thank you! :slightly_smiling_face:


she is an adult. she’s 22 and has a child but no husband. i let her stay with me bc she is a cna and makes only $9/hr and was struggling with rent on her own. I’m 31 and was lucky enough to spend a lot of time with my grandfather on the farm growing up. he practically raised me bc my father was an otr truck driver and i barely seen him, but got a kinda old school upbringing. my grandfather was a no nonsense, nose to the grindstone type, so i learned at a very young age how to be self-sufficent. my sisters on the other hand were baby’d all their life. one is married and runs a daycare. the one that stays with me works and pays my other sister to watch her kid while she is at work (which she is daily about 30min late to). i built a cabin on my property for her last year bc i couldn’t deal with my nephew anymore. he’s like an uncontrollable wild animal. lol. i hope one day my sister grows up, but i have tried to tell her she has to get her own place and she has done it a few times, but couldn’t pay all her bills and I’m a little too nice i guess, so i just built her a cabin.


I would like a brother like you :raised_hands:


lots of respect to you , a real family man


Dang it!! I missed the sale by a half of a day. I got all excited when it was still on your site this morning (you probably want to take that down now :wink: ) but alas, it didn’t work. Oh well. Still ordering.


Hey everyone! Just wanted to quickly say. In regards to FlavourArt and the pricing changes there is nothing to worry about at Nicotine River. FlavourArt themselves contacted all suppliers of their products stating there is a new pricing structure that must be followed. The prices are obviously higher however, we have no control over these prices. Competitors in this industry have followed the same pricing structure and this will become universal throughout this industry.

If you do find any supplier that is not complying to this pricing structure that we or our competitors have please let us know via private message.

Thank you!


that sucks to have your prices dictated


Very unfortunate however, it is what it is. Let us know if you need anything!


I was wondering. There was a lot of talk on Facebook and other forums this week wondering if that was what happened. Thanks for clearing it up :slight_smile:


Have you thought about making an FA specific discount code to buffer the increase (even if partially)? Just curious since other vendors discounts include Flavourart if that’s something you had thought about. Unless they don’t they allow their products to be discounted anymore either which I guess could be the case now too, I’m not sure…But I knew this was coming. I seen other vendors talking about this a few weeks back, but it is what it is. At least we can still get them right :wink:


This made me smile, Why would anyone private message a Company to let them know they are being undersold by another Vender? I mean that’s like saying I plan on sending the State of PA the 40% sin/excise tax on my out of State purchases :slight_smile:


It is just to ensure that all vendors comply with pricing. Of course some people will not say anything to us to get the better pricing momentarily however, this part of the message was more so meant to be taken into thought by our loyal customer base.


We are unsure if any discounts will be applicable however, we are still taking a look into this! Thank you!


I made my first two orders with @Nicotine_River and I have to say I’m very impressed with the quality of packaging and fast shipping! I’m stocked up on flavor for now and now I have to get mixing!