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Nicotine River - New Flavor Revolution, VG, PG, Free Shipping, and more!


Glad we’ve exceeded your expectations Shelley! Please let me know if you need anything! :slight_smile:


Want you to know I was impressed with the interview on DIY or DIE. I switched to you guys because of it. I don’t mind paying the shipping fee when I get twice as much product for that fee. Keep doing what you are doing. Looking forward to getting my order Friday!


They are a very good company. There customer service is top notch. Any issues with their order let them know and they will help you out.


Does NR have any plans on carrying Hangsen possibly in the future?


Is Hangsen popular? Thank you very much for the kind words :slight_smile:


They are popular for people that like tobacco flavors. They have some of the best on the market.


Looking into them now - if people enjoy them… then game on!


I just got my latest Nicotine River order today, in it were 2 250ml beakers made by Karter. I’d never heard about them but they are great. I use a magnetic stirrer to mix and the bottoms of the 2 I got are so flat I can position the stir bar dead center and it doesn’t wobble or move around at all. Every one of my Pyrex beakers must have a slight dimple in the center because they all make the stir bar wobble a bit when I try to center it. An off center stir bar will still mix just fine but these beakers make my OCD quite happy.


yes i have the 50ml and the 500 flask and they are great ill buy the other sizes next order and great price i paid way more for my other flask


I use Karter, and Bomex low-form beakers. [12/case]
I am sure I have every shape stir bar, but my favorite for normal 115ml-200ml batches are the egg shape [olive shape].


I started off with a cheap 7 piece stir bar set off amazon but all but the 3 smallest ones spun out as soon as I kicked the rpms up so I went looking for something better and bought one of these.

It works great and even mixed 120ml batch at 75% VG last night at my stirrer’s max rpm.


I know I’m a bit late to this question, but in my opinion HS is very good. Their tobaccos & creams are hard to beat and their fruits I’ve tried are top notch as well. Not many ppl carry them either, could definitely be worth checking out


Do you feel a need to run the stirrer at max rpm’s ?

What temps are you running at?


hopefully none especially if your working with RFSC flaves , personally id stay away from heat as much as possible but it a personal thing for me like most things diy , if your haveng an issue with the vg being to thick just run the warm tap water and dip your beaker / flask this will thin it so you can stir without having constant heat


How can [anything] have no temperature at all? Bwahahahahaha

When I begin at room temp [approx. 74F] I usually stir at about 5/8 to 3/4 of the device’s capacity. The rpm’s vary , depending on what mag mixer I use, and which stir bar. After about two minutes I begin lowering the rpm’s to get a smooth blending action, and do it several times as the liquid heats and thins. In 30-40 minutes the temperature is usually around 104F-107F. I lower the rpm’s again , to avoid heat increase, and let it run about 10 more minutes. The temperature(s) are simply created by friction [and molecular expansion].


i apologize i see , i ass u ME d you were talking about a mag mixer with a heating element but yes your right that is exactly what i do ill shush up


I only run full speed when I’m mixing a large batch (120ml) with my 3/8 X 1/2 stir bar and I never use the heat function on the stirrer. The room I mix in is usually around 60F to 65F and the highest temp I’ve recorded on my infrared thermometer was 102F after 2 hours stirring a 15ml batch in a 30 ml beaker. I try to adjust the speed so that the mix has lots of small bubbles and few to no larger bubbles, usually around half speed and I like to see a bubble vortex but not a physical vortex, if that makes sense.


Thank you for shipping to Hawaii again !!! Been lost without you guys. LOL.


If you do pick Hangsen up… You absolutely have to carry their French Vanilla Ice Cream!! It’s a must have for me, and a MUST TRY for everyone else IMHO! =D


And Hangsen Italian cream…