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the elusive italian cream lol every time ive ordered from bcf its out lol


Gee thanks (for adding YET ANOTHER to my ‘to try’ list…) :angry: :laughing:


It iss excellent. Tastes like a rich butter cream icing. Strong As well. Used 1.5% as a SF. In a mix im expwerimenting with 0.5-0.75% in a mix. Will mix well with any recipe that needs an icing, cinnamon bunz, carrot cake, dunkaroos etc… Also used it in a gelato icecream for increased mouthfeel and richness


TY SO much for this note!!

That’s exactly what I was hoping for out of Cap’s butter cream…boy was THAT a let down. =(

I’ll definitely have to give it a try then!

I’ve had LA’s cream cheese icing mulling around the cobwebs for months on end, but never pulled the trigger simply because I hate cream cheese icing on deserts. Though I love cream cheese, but usually only on bagels. lol
Hell, if it’s salmon cream cheese, I’ll eat it straight out of the container -no bagel needed!
But on deserts??? PASS.


Interesting. Personally i love LOR CCI and think you are missing out. I used to use like 7% but find i can taste it just fine now in the 1.5-2% range. I find we develop sensitivities to flavors over time allowing us to use less. I also think you could bend it into a more “american” icing using FLV Frosting and some vanilla. (maybe RF vanilla shisha)


I think ya mixed a couple here…or was that the intent? :slight_smile:

INA = shisha
not sure what RF offers in Vanillas ATM so I can’t comment there.

Either way, I appreciate the added input! =)


Totally - it is great flav - I have plans for that and RF carrot cake


Oops INW shisha i meant. It tends to be a creamier type vanilla…


See now…that I get!

But CC almost always has CCI. Though it’s a once every 10-15 years type thing for me. lol

It’s nice, but my ‘fancy’ has to be in just the right ‘twist’ to be able to really want (or enjoy) it! :laughing:


Hey guys! We just put 3 new FlavourArt flavors up on our site! Feel free to give them a try and let us know what you think!

Blood Orange
A bright, fresh true to life blood orange flavour! Beautiful citrus married with the sweetness of blood orange finished with a faint hint of the zest of the peel.

Royal Orange
A perfectly ripe flesh of a navel orange. Balanced sweetness with great taste!

Florida Key Lime
Designed to replicate the famous taste of a fresh Florida Key Lime. Citrus zest notes with finishes of sour and sweet.

Thank you! :slight_smile:


What happened to the original Rivers Flavors that went with the Purilum line? That golden eye, ocean myst, strawberry biscuit, and paradiso were all winners but I don’t see them anywhere


We’ve been experiencing a lot of inventory issues concerning ingredients with Purilum themselves on these products. We’re hoping to bring these back soon but for now we decided it be best to take them off the page since we’re unsure of how long these products will be out of stock. I’ll post any updates here on their progress here in the future!

On the bright side we have 10-15 new unique flavors coming out by Purilum that are delicious! We’re testing those flavors as we speak and are expecting them to be on the site within 2-3 weeks!

Thank you! :slight_smile:


What?.. These flavors are an integral part of several of my recipes. Say it isnt so …




I know right wtf is this shit :rage:


I waited 6months yes 6 MONTHS while FLV got their shit together to send me my FLV Cookie. I order it in AUG2016 and got it in JAN2017. At least i knew it would come eventually. I would rather be able to order and have to wait then to see Goldeneye and Strawberry Biscuit dissapear from thr website :confused:


Nothing to worry about! We are working on having them back on our site shortly! They should be back up on the site within a few weeks or less. I apologize for the scare!

Thank you :slight_smile:


Just found out today that my latest order from Nicotine river was denied by customs in Canada and sent back! The parcel was due to arrive on the 14th but with the long weekend i thought nothing of it being late. I checked the tracking today and it said rejected by customs. I called Fedex and they said no reason was given and they “apologize” for not contacting me that their was an issue. Normally if the broker has an issue they contact you! First time ever anything has been sent back and i order everything from everywhere. Wtf arggg
: disclaimer this is 100% Canada customs and Fedexs fault. I will however be contacting @Nicotine_River in the hopes they can just send it straight back as i have a TaxID, fedex never asked me for it…


The discount code for the Purilum sale isn’t working for me. Isn’t the sale through the end of the day today…4/23? I’m using the code “PURILUM” listed on the front page of the site. Is this working for anyone else?


PM’ing you now