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Nicotine River - New Flavor Revolution, VG, PG, Free Shipping, and more!


Could you possible PM about $30 for shipping? That is just ridiculous.


Thank you for promptly replying!!!


A message for everyone!

If there are any flavors that you’d like for us to carry on our site please let us know here! We’d love to take on some new products! Thank you! :slight_smile:



I’m almost positive it’s being formulated over at the facility :slight_smile:


I know the answer but anytime you say something like this i have to throw it out there just in case something may change :slight_smile:



Shisha Orange…(INW)


Good luck with that Butter Rum. I’ve tried every butter rum from every manufacturer out there. NO ONE has gotten it right yet.


Wow. That surprises me.
I have thoroughly enjoyed LorAnn’s Butter Rum.

Though I always welcome a new take on an old favorite (assuming Purilum is coming out with their own Butter Rum)!

I’d like to request you carry DIYFS Holy Vanilla.
I’d also like to request that your Purilum lab craft a line of “syrup” and/or “jelly” flavors…
Boysenberry syrup (ala IHOP)
Strawberry jelly
Blueberry jelly
and last, but not least…
Apple Butter!

I’d also like to request that you KEEP A/AP as viable options in the creation of these… As DX or v2 flavors have a really bad taste to them IMO, and I won’t buy them any more.
TIA for your consideration!

PS: oh yeah! Butter - someone has to be able to replace Cap’s original butter flavor (without weighing heavy on Diacetyl!)


Very interesting! This jelly line idea has our attention! Thanks everyone for your thoughts so far. We are looking into carrying all of these :slight_smile:


I have great news!

Currently we’re about to add Strawberry Biscuit, Kigola, Kilanca and the other flavors back to the site. They will be listed under “Nicotine River”. Here is the link: https://www.nicotineriver.com/collections/nicotine-river-flavors

Do not worry about the company name change. These are the exact same flavors you were purchasing before. After constant efforts of reformulation and no definite results we were lead to the conclusion that it would be best to have these flavors placed under the Nicotine River name once again.

Please note that these flavors: Cream Dream, Golden Eye, Heaven, Kigola, Kilanca, Ocean Myst, Paradiso, Strawberry Biscuit, Vanilla Bacco are the ONLY flavors being impacted by this name change. This will not be happening in the future to any other flavor.

Feel free to ask questions here and I will respond promptly! Thank you!


Thank god!!! SB is back. I was about to disown you all.


@Skullblade789 if you’re happy we’re happy!

Also, @Rob62 that Vanilla Bacco is calling your name :slight_smile:


Of the Hangsen flavors with the most recipes only 3 of the top 10 are tobacco. There are 2865 recipes for the top 10 alone. Hangsen popularity


We will look into this as well! Thank you :slight_smile:


I’d also like to see you carry Real Flavors. currently the best price per ml is direct from them but the smallest size is 1oz.
About Hangsen:
From the largest site I know of that carries them here’s the top 25 sellers:
French Vanilla Ice Cream
Desert Ship
Australian Chocolate
Italian Cream
Red USA Mix
Ice Cream
Juicy Peach
Arabic Tobacco
Flue Cured
Tab Blended
Virginia Tobacco
Indian Tobacco
Turkish blended


Is there any coupon codes right now?


I think the only one going on right now is coupon code ART will get you 20% off of FlavourArt concentrates.


Noice… Hmm, maybe I had better get an order in.


Nicotine river comes through again!! Just in time for weekend mix session!! Thanks @Nicotine_River