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Nicotine River - New Flavor Revolution, VG, PG, Free Shipping, and more!


PM me the site.


Right! Went to NR to re-stock some Purilum and…GONE! No notice, no explanation, nothing. WTF x2!


thats not true , they let people know and gave a reason


Yup. Since you said x2…I will agree with @fidalgo_vapes it was posted. Something about a supply issue.


They posted that they are in fact back up on the site just not under Purilum they are now back under River flavors Category Ie Strawberry biscuit, goldeneye, kigola…


Nothing to worry about! They’re under the flavor extract category of “Nicotine River” :slight_smile:


Pretty happy with the ordering process on my first order today. So happy to add NR to my list of used vendors.


NR has turned out to be (with exception to just a couple flavors) the only company I use now. If you EVER have an issue or question, contact them. They are Head & Shoulders above anyone else I’ve dealt with. Their Customer Service is AMAZING! And from my perspective, pricing is unbeatable.


New Capella is being added to the site right now! It will all be up within a few hours! An estimated of 20 or more new flavors! :slight_smile:


Perfect… we get to be even broker. lol


New Capella was just officially added! Here is the list:

Banana Split
Blueberry Pomegranate w/Stevia
Concord Grape w/Stevia
Cool Mint
Orange Creamsicle
Orange Mango
Passion Fruit
Peanut Butter V1
Peanut Butter V2
Pear w/Stevia
Pomegranate V2
Simply Vanilla



Sale for Purilum happening right now! Get 15% off!

15% off discount code: PurilumFlavors

End date: Undetermined

Thank you!


@Nicotine_River will the new flavors be in stock for the sale ? Bananascotch Cream, Cream cheese Danish, etc. ?


Yes, we are expecting the new flavors to be up sometime next week


Yaaay ! I will hold off a few days to order then. Thanks !



Purilum is not manufactured by Nicotine River, they are a different company, correct?

So why are some flavors previously listed as Purilum now being listed as Nicotine River?


Excellent question. I have wondered that myself. Hell. I don’t even know if wondered is even a word. Lol.

On a side note my 1st shipment was “delayed” by weather from California to Portland Oregon. Booo my shipment ordered the same day was delivered yesturday from the east via usps.



It isnt really all that uncommon for companies to hire others to dev/manufacture flavorings for them.


Yes they are a different company. We actually posted a comment about those flavors a week or so ago addressing that subject. It was just a simple issue of reformulation. Here it is again copy and pasted,

"I have great news!

Currently we’re about to add Strawberry Biscuit, Kigola, Kilanca and the other flavors back to the site. They will be listed under “Nicotine River”. Here is the link: https://www.nicotineriver.com/collections/nicotine-river-flavors

Do not worry about the company name change. These are the exact same flavors you were purchasing before. After constant efforts of reformulation and no definite results we were lead to the conclusion that it would be best to have these flavors placed under the Nicotine River name once again.

Please note that these flavors: Cream Dream, Golden Eye, Heaven, Kigola, Kilanca, Ocean Myst, Paradiso, Strawberry Biscuit, Vanilla Bacco are the ONLY flavors being impacted by this name change. This will not be happening in the future to any other flavor.

Feel free to ask questions here and I will respond promptly! Thank you!"


Wow, less than an hour, and a reply! I must have missed that middle paragraph for some reason.

Keep up the great work, this is what keeps me coming back to you guys (and gals), for supplies!

I assume the Nicotine River flavors are all diketone free as well?

Thank you!