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Nicotine River - New Flavor Revolution, VG, PG, Free Shipping, and more!


Thank you! Glad you appreciate our service!

Yes that’s correct as well! All Nicotine River and Purilum flavors are diketone free :slight_smile:


i forget who asked this b4 but i loved the name he called it i think it was @DarthVapor or @LordVapor who suggested a BAD BOY line of creams you know for those of us who love the diketones , im sure that wont happen but it would be great :slight_smile:


Lol yeah probably not gonna happen but ooooh I’d be all over a “bad boy” line of flavors!


I have a feeling the store juice I’ve been trying to clone is based on one or more now vanished Diketones based flavors :frowning:
That or it’s 50% Sucralose and I’ve just not dumped in enough. :slight_smile:
All my NR-PUR single flavor samplers are near 30 days old and I’ll be checking again in a few days. See if the winners at 2 weeks stayed strong to the finish.


which store juice ?? im working on a remix of Crunk Berry omg it was horrible like 10pct berry crunch and 8pct tpa vanilla custard or vbic i know its one of those two vanillas because i get the pepper taste when i tried it , then its loaded with sucralose , im sure something else but im remixing for a friend to what i think it should be lol hes in love with both versions ive made but im not happy yet with it so im on my V3 now


they could call it xxx rated just for you :wink:


Twas not I


i may be wrong about both of you but i thought it was one of you on the real flavors thread that mentioned something like that , apologizes


I got my first NR order today. I would rate it a B.

  1. Shipping time. Hmm. There was a lightning storm that “caused” a weather delay. This was a more of a UPS issue as their excuse (I did 8.5 years with big brown and know the shipping route from CA and know the trains are slow from there). Order date Sunday delivery date CA to vancouver wa was a bit slow.

  2. Packaging was great in some areas but poor in others. Orientation arrows on opsite sides. Good. Black non descript diamond label ? ( I thought it would show class 8 and come with a ups 5part?). Bottles loaded in their side in the box??? That would be a D rating for packing. Popcorn for filler good, but if you don’t want bottles to not shift in transit waded up paper is preferred. (Did I say 4 of those years was spent supervising hazardous responses)

  3. Nic packaging. The quality of this seems good and thankfully no leaking. I really liked that aspect.

  4. 15ml bottles and 30ml bottles came intact which was nice. Kinda sad the 15mls are the ones that are the true…full it too the top 15ml bottles unlike the 30s which are 30 to neck or below. Wish I noticed in the pics they were the skinny 15mls.

  5. One concentrate ordered. It leaked alittle and the manufacture seal was broken. Considering it was loaded on its side in the box something would leak and thankfully it just smells like watermellon.

Will I order again. Yes. I liked the packaging for the nic. I do see some opportunities for improvement when considering the price for shipping.


Removing post due to being handled. Thank you NR for the response.


Just took a look at your order and this is absolutely ridiculous on our part. However, this can be fixed no problem. A gallon of Vegetable Glycerin will be overnighted to you along with other free flavorings. This is a rudimentary mistake and I’ll be sure to speak to our shipping department. In the box there should be two papers with names of who packaged the product, and who checked the product. Do you have those as well? If so, I’d love to know the names to ensure this does not happen again.

Thank you!


Thank you for the feedback. Extremely critical and that’s just how we like it! Recycled Paper and other ideas you mentioned here will be brought up in our next meeting!

Thank you! :slight_smile:


Perfect! Thank you very much and I look forward to seeing those names in a PM :slight_smile:

Let me know if you need anything else!


See what happens when you type this way. You get @VapeyMama all twisted. Now it’s gonna take Vodka and hours of whipping to calm her down. Hmmmm. @VapeyMama PMing you shortly.


Stuff like this does happen from time to time. If it does happen Nic River always rectifies it immediately and make up for it and then some. They do treat and care for their customers. Just post a PM to nic river and usually within a business day you get a response. Still top notch in my book.

Also remember, because I think we forget this sometimes; To err is Human.


IT’S OFFICIAL! Free domestic shipping on all orders over $50! VG, PG, Nicotine…we’ve got you covered :slight_smile:

Non-applicable Items: Pure Nicotine & Freight (200lbs).

Enjoy! :slight_smile:


Nice!! :thumbsup:

Is this a temporary thing, or are you shooting for “the foreseeable future?”


This is permanent :slight_smile:


I won’t lie, This just turned me on a little :grinning: