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Nicotine River - New Flavor Revolution, VG, PG, Free Shipping, and more!


Yeah, you got it!!


Sweet!! $50 is a nice price point. Was having to hold off on orders until they were very large because minimum shipping kept showing around $13. You totally made my day!!



Glad we could make you happy!

Please let me know if you have any questions :slight_smile:


That is good news! I’ve never placed an order with you because of the crazy shipping cost, but will now look at you when shopping and doing cost comparisons.


We hope we exceed your expectations :slight_smile:

Let me know if you have questions!


I made my first DIY order from you guys, because of the free shipping and the fact that you guys offer 2oz bottles. For some flavors 1oz isn’t enough and 4oz is too much. Then the free shipping stopped. The shipping would turn a $25 order into an almost $40 order, so I stopped ordering. So this new shipping pricing structure is great news! My next order just may be from you guys.


Glad to hear it! We appreciate any business and if you have questions or concerns I’m always here :slight_smile:


This is a huge relief! Thanks so much!


You rock! $50.00 shouldn’t be hard to spend. This will make a big difference. Thank you!


And just when you thought Nicotine River couldn’t get any better…GREAT news !
Thank you!!!


I was just gonna look around and managed to load 25 clams worth of stuff in my cart
Damn if I order before next month I may not survive the impact to my head.
I spent this months and a bit over come to think on it already.


Same here as am trying to catch up a little,lol. I’m soooo corrupted.


just in time way to go NR


@Nicotine_River any idea when you will have FW fruit rings back in stock ??? rough eta


Got a clam chowder in the works?!


Hah If I find a Clam flavor i’ll for sure make one

I might have to do some Crab Cakes instead for now. This one along with a dozen other intense flavors are in my cart but I can’t order till the first of the month for fear of bodily injury.


Whatever doesn’t kill you makes you stronger - but if you ever mix crab cakes i wanna see the first vape on video.


Hell to the yes


Should be back in stock within a day or two at the most :slight_smile:


ty very much