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Nicotine River - New Flavor Revolution, VG, PG, Free Shipping, and more!


I believe they are, yes. I’ll ask the man in charge just to confirm and get back to you shortly.


I too fear bodily injury if I shop any of the memorial day sales!! Husband says “I thought this was supposed to cost less!?!” I can’t help it that I NEED every flavor I see. I blame this on the internet and all the wonderful flavor concentrates it offers!!


Wow, Now that is some efficient shipping right there :+1:


I don’t see free shipping.
ordering PG and VG
Shipping method
In Store Pick Up Free
FedEx Ground Home Delivery (5 business days) $ 12.87
USPS Priority Mail 3-Day $ 14.50
FedEx Express Saver (4 business days) $ 37.54
FedEx 2 Day (3 business days) $ 40.85
FedEx 2 Day Am (3 business days) $ 45.82
USPS Priority Mail Express 2-Day $ 47.45
FedEx Standard Overnight (2 business days) $ 53.69
The cheapest option I see is $12.87 making the shipping more expensive than the Subtotal $8.18 price for 500ml VG and 250ml PG


Unfortunately, free shipping is only applicable for orders $50 or over. To help boost you up to free shipping if you’d like, feel free to take advantage of our current 16% off sale :slight_smile:

Free shipping + 16% Off! :slight_smile:

Discount code: Memorial


Glad you’re satisfied Mark! We’ve almost settled into our new facility, once we’re 100% comfortable in our new spot shipping this fast is going to become normal. Honestly, it may become even faster :slight_smile:


I see…
Nicotine River - 16% OFF Memorial Sale, Free Shipping (on $50+ orders), and Updates!
But are these not the non flammable PG and VG? Where is the USPS Standard shipping for about 10 bucks?


For others having issues with the cost of shipping, make sure you are looking for the asterisk next to items in the cart or ingredient, I’ll be skipping sweet tangerine again it seems… about 25 dollars more for a 2 dollar 10ml of “flammable” citrus


omg thats unreal looks like ill be only spending 50 and up it seems many flaves i use have rhe plane next to it lol


What’s the discount if you are a Veteran or Active Duty? @Nicotine_River


<-- Whips out his Veteran ID card. :smile:


Between my Veterans Card, My Senior Discount, And my AAA Card They should pay me to take their stuff off their hands.


Now everything is unfolding. Those crazy flavors you mix. Only a Vet with no sensible palate could make those types of liquids. It’s a goid thing not a bad thing.


Just made me laugh.


Which service?


You knew there had to be a method to my madness. Ha.
Army 72-75


Even more unfolding, you guys re nuts. Lol.


Too much food made by the army fitters and turners


Whether it has a plane or not the free shipping should apply. The only items that do not apply are Pure Nicotine and Freight (200lbs or more). If you’re having trouble with getting free shipping on our site please feel free to PM me here and when I’m back in the office Monday I will refund your account.

It shouldn’t be giving problems but we can fix this in a jiffy!


PM me a military ID or proof of service please, and I can offer you the code! :slight_smile: