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Nicotine River - Smooth & Hit Nic Salts, 1300+ Flavors, Free Shipping, and more!


Glad to hear it was fixed!

In regards to the discounts, enjoy the labor day code + free shipping :tada:

Let me know if you happen to come across any unusual rates. Just PM me and I will get this taken care of for you :slight_smile:


I want to say thank you so much for your sale, for Purilium Flavors and the new Flavor Revolution flavors! Also for the the Labor day sale!
A little about me:
I cannot tolerate Diacetyl, Acetoin, Acetyl Propionyl, Sucralose. So my main love is Flavour Art. I pretty much figured it was going to just be FA for life! Not that is a bad thing. It has only been quite recently that I pulled the trigger on Purilium flavors. Thank you for giving me more options!
I placed 2 orders this weekend (sorry about that).
Order 52583 and Order 52849. If it is easier for you to combine them and send them slow, it is all good.
It is @juice_junkie_lover fault I needed more flavors right away to try one of her recipes.
Also, Thank you @MysticRose for your lovely flavor notes on the NR site!


Lol! Awesome! Can’t wait to hear feedback on the recipe :wink:


I just noticed the order I placed on Saturday (the 2nd) didn’t get the free shipping although the code did discount the purchase for the ingredients… not too worried it was only 3 bucks


Please PM me your order number, I will look into this!

Thank you!


Glad to hear you’re happy! We will be adding more Purilum and Flavor Revolution to the site soon!

Whatever you need just let me know! We’re always here :slight_smile:


Hello! I’ve just refunded you 15% of your order. The money will re-enter your account within 1-2 days.

If you need anything else just let me know :slight_smile:


PM sent, thanks


Thank you for the gesture of goodwill.


Of course :slight_smile:


There was free shipping? Oh well, I don’t mind. That Ripe Banana (Flavor Revolution) is flipping amazing, an actual fresh, ripened banana. I got so many yummy flavors during the sale :grinning:.


I need to look into that. I’ve been looking to replace TPA Ripe Banana for awhile now and haven’t found one good enough.


Glad to hear you’re enjoying the flavorings! :slight_smile:


It’s fabulous JoJo, no ethereal green notes either. It’s simply white soft flesh, and the golden creamy banana center. Not candy-like at all.


@Nicotine_River Sure is damn nice to hear that ^^^^^. Paying attention, listening to customers, and working to resolve it. GREAT way to do business.


Thank you! We appreciate the sincerity! :slight_smile:

Speaking of the shipping issue, it’s being fixed currently as we speak :tada:


Thank you for your hard work addressing the issue. Is the new shipping rate calculating company in use on your website yet? If not, do you have an estimated time frame when this new calculator will be available?

I’ve had no issues regarding the shipping rate options for VG or flavorings. However, the shipping estimate for the liquid Nicotine is still high.

Thank you kindly.


The shipping rate calculator is being worked as we speak and is estimated to be done this Friday or so :slight_smile:

Thank you!


No. Thank you. :+1:t5:


@Nicotine_River im sorry about the delay in ordering

i just placed it and will send my order number in a pm

great selection i got a bunch of stuff cant wait…

Nicotine River Heaven1
FlavourArt Citrus Mix1
Flavor Apprentice Sweet Tea
Flavor Apprentice Banana Nut Bread
Flavor Apprentice Cheesecake Graham Crust
Luer Lock / 3ml / 5
Flavor Apprentice Jack Fruit
Nicotine River Strawberry Biscuit
Flavorah Blood Orange
Flavor Apprentice Musk Candy
FlavourArt Magic Mask
Flavor Apprentice Greek Yogurt
Purilum Strawnana Smoothie
Vegetable Glycerin
2.5 Gallon