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Nicotine River - Smooth & Hit Nic Salts, 1300+ Flavors, Free Shipping, and more!


Probably just an OS or device hiccup while shipping rates are being reworked. Nevermind, is happening on my husband’s mobile as well.


I just checked on Android and everything is working for me. Maybe clear you cookies and such to see if it helps?? I’ve also had success opening a window as “incognito” when I had web issues on my phone.


Yeah, nope. I did all that and tested several browsers on my mobile. It’s fine on my Kindle though. It’s cool, it only started when they started reworking the shipping, so I’m sure it will resolve itself when they are done.


We are also currently adding and adjusting things on the website. Mobile devices are being looked at currently for bugs and everything will be fixed shortly.

Thank you!


Ah, thanks so much y’all, it’s not a big deal, gives me more time to fatten my shopping list anyway :yum:.


More of that Attention To Detail …


Hello everyone! Just wanted to inform you all that our website is being worked on and is expected to be 100% within a day or two. We had a few bugs pop up over the last couple business days so our website may seem glitchy (especially on mobile devices). This is being fixed and we will update here!

Thank you :slight_smile:


Yes!! I need that wishlist option. I always forget what it was I wanted but couldn’t get that day!


This will be looked into as well!



Hey everyone! Great news! We are having a 20% off all flavors sale for today only!

Feel free to check out Capella Silver Line! A new line created by Capella at a more affordable cost!

Discount code: ALLDAY

Discount ends 11:59PM PST

Enjoy :slight_smile:


@Nicotine_River How does the silverline compare with the regular offerings of the same flavors?


We have created a post below clarifying this

Thank you!


I don’t see the Inawera anymore. Are you not going to carry them after all?

EDIT: NM, found them. They just don’t show under the brands list anymore.


Strange, they’re showing up on our end…We’ll take a look into why this could be happening!

Thank you for informing us of this! :slight_smile:


Real Flavors doesn’t show either.


Is the list of brands being cut off where that image ends?

Or was this image cropped?

Thank you


There is no change of strength on these concentrates


Thank you


Lol…duh. It wasn’t cropped, but I scrolled down. Lmao @myself :slight_smile:

That’s pretty stupid of them. It’s only .50 cheaper but you have to use twice the amount. Doesn’t sound like more affordable, more expensive in the end.


Glad to hear the website is working alright! As for the new flavors, I’m unsure of what Capella has in mind but lets hope it’s good!


Checking, high res…