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Can anyone recommend a tobacco flavoring that NR carries? For the 3 some years I’ve been vaping I’ve never really tried any tobaccos. Looking for something that is bold and not that sweet, but not a pipe type tobacco. Was looking at FA’s Dark Vapor…any suggestions?


I really like the purilum tobacco flavors but I guess you could say they are sweet and nuty. The bourbon tobacco is really good as well.

If you like black and mild type flavor then I’d suggest Connecticut shade flv. For a bold tobacco I keep thinking flv cured tobacco. That stuff is potent and bold for sure.


We will be releasing the new Euro Flavor line tomorrow or Monday of next week and their tobaccos are spectacular! I’ll update this thread once the Euro flavor line is officially up! :slight_smile:

As of right now, feel free to check out our tobacco sample pack! You may find a few you’ll enjoy

Have a nice day!


Good to know.
Thanks for the info!!


You should really post some kind of advisory on the page for the Silverline before you end up with a bunch of pissed customers. Just friendly advice.


Great that nic river is having a sale, but i place all my online orders from my iphone for security reasons and the nic river site hasnt worked properly for many days now, i sure hope they get it striaghtened out guess ill miss out on this one.


I cannot find any information on their GoldLine, is every other flavor from them considered their “GoldLine”?


/gives that man a gold star.

If silver is weaksauce /ahem, pardon me/ half strength… Then that kind of makes the normal ones “the gold standard” by default doesn’t it?

Talk about your genius ideas… :roll_eyes:
Honestly, I could have never guessed Cap would be one to pull something like this. Helluva way for Cap to intro a new line.

Of course, my poking fun at their “genius idea” could always bite me in the ass in the near future. If they do this… Lord only knows what they’ll do next. Perhaps a Platinum Line that’s double the strength of the “normal line”?

I hate arbitrarily created markets…


Maybe a journey into standalone flavors, if so they may have something, so we will see. Also the size selection on mobile on nic rivers site is not working from mobile, you can only select 10ml.


I just seen a reply from the guys at Chefs directly from Capella saying the half strength isn’t true, that the silver line is similar to the original line. It’s only cheaper because theres no 3rd party sourcing…can you dig into this a bit deeper?


Extremely strange, we have had Capella themselves say that the flavors are half concentrated. To be honest Capella hasn’t really told anyone or disclosed a good amount of information on these products and we are playing it by ear on what their officials are saying.

We will have a confirmed answer shortly


Our mobile website has bugs currently and is being fixed. We have no ETA in the fix however, it’s currently in progress


Their original line is considered their “Goldline”

Let me know if you have other questions!


Hey everyone, I just received clarification from Capella. What they meant was, certain flavorings from their SilverLine is going to be weaker than others. The weakness is not spread evenly across the board.

Our apologies for the confusion! The way it was worded from the Capella Representative misconstrued us.

From Capella’s website:

Our flavor experts developed in-house manufacturing methods that allow us to deliver SilverLine™ Flavors with the “Capella Quality” people crave - at a more affordable price. Create consistent taste sensations with the best tasting flavors available - anywhere.

All in all, with a revised knowledge of what these flavorings are…The SilverLine may be slightly weaker compared to their original flavorings in some regard however these flavors are still meant to be highly concentrated at a fraction of the cost of their original line.

@Gachatay to confirm with you, you are absolutely correct in this regard!

@Sprkslfly @ntman4real Just wanted to confirm you’ve seen this so we don’t steer you in the wrong direction!

Let me know if anyone else has questions and I’ll dive deeper into things :slight_smile:

Capella Silverline!? New flavors!
Capella Silverline!? New flavors!

I agree, our apologies on this one! We got a little confused by how Capella worded things when we were notified about SilverLine from one of their officials.

Thank you!


PMing you now


No worries :grinning:
Its something new and there wasn’t much info out about, I had 100% confidence you guys would be able to sort it out is why I asked. Thanks a lot for spending the time to investigate on behalf of every mixer!


Of course! I appreciate the understanding of the situation!

If there’s anything you need feel free to ask :slight_smile:


i wish i would have known that line was half strength before buying the flavors in that line. i would not have made an order :neutral_face:


We have confirmed from Capella that the line is not half concentrated, you have nothing to worry about! :slight_smile:

We apologize for the confusion! We misconstrued Capella’s information on these new flavors!

Thank you