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Nicotine River - Smooth & Hit Nic Salts, 1300+ Flavors, Free Shipping, and more!


hey thanks for getting back to me. you guys have nothing to apologize about. i checked capella’s site and saw nothing about the concentrate’s being weaker before ordering. disclosing that might have avoided them the telephone effect on flavor strength. i feel comfortable with slightly weaker, but half strength was the buzz around the net. that being said you guy’s put em out at a great price. $26 and change for 10x 1oz bottles after the sale, compared to their 10x 13ml for $20 sale. though i only got 8 from the silver line and stocked up on some other goodies i’ve been eyeballing for a while to get me in the free shipping range :smiley:


I appreciate the understanding of the situation!

Sounds like you got a steal! I’m glad we could supply you with the new SilverLine :slight_smile:

Whatever you need just let me know!!


This is great news, especially since these flavors are only available in silverline. Thanks for always keeping us up to date, you guys/ gals at Nicotine River do wonderful work!


Of course and thank you! :slight_smile:

Let us know if you need anything!


Any chance you could start selling the For Pipe line from INW. I have been really wanting to get the line of them, and Nicotine River has pretty much been my one stop, also would like to see INW Mint Mix, really looking forward to the Euro Flavors also, Also what is up with the Hansen seem like they are taking forever. BTW thanks for the the Allday sale yesterday, I picked up some odd ones that I have been eyeing for a while.


We’ll take a look into that Pipe Line flavor for you!

As for the Hangsen they just clears US customs and are being delivered within 1-2 days! After that, it’s up on the site and at your doorstep! :slight_smile:

Thank you


so more testing on which are weaker, more fun!!


Woooo Hooo. Finally. Hope the next ones move through customs faster after they have seen this first shipment, or that will really suck trying to keep them in stock.

I almost gave in and bought with the allday sale, now I’m glad I waited. Been waiting for that Hangsen for a couple months and I would have been pissed (at customs, not you guys) if I finally caved right before arrival. Thanks for the heads up :slight_smile:


Grrrr latest order held up in customs. First they want a reciept of all items. Fine. Done. Ohhh now they want me to fill out this form, sign here, scan this, fax that all for an order totalling less than 200$ and all of which are mere liquid flavoring. Yup the facists at the Canadian border are making things difficult again. Hope it gets through so i can test the Flavor Revolution line!


Thanks! Great to hear, I would think the best of the for pipe line would be Black, Dark, Gold, from the reviews I have read. Thanks again for your quick response and great customer service.


Have to say Nic river responsiveness is superb compared to other vendors. This sets a company out in today’s world of a buyer’s market. It brings customer service back to online buying.


I seen you guys and BCF are getting the new FLV flavors first…That’s awesome! These new ones are all good, I’m seriously impressed. Some just aren’t in my wheelhouse, but none of them were bad. Kudos on getting first crack at the market


Hey everyone! Anxious to try Juicy Strawberry by FlavourArt?

Well, the good news is that it’s now in stock on our website! Juicy Strawberry by FlavourArt is the perfect gift for your tastebuds! Try it today and experience FlavourArt’s new masterpiece! :slight_smile:


could you tell us if this comes direct from flavourart? Or other? Or if direct from FA, comment on why it’s not listed on the official FA site?


It is possible that Juicy Strawberry has not been added to their website yet. I’m unsure to be honest of why it is not displayed on their website however here is a statement from FlavourArt North America on Juicy Strawberry confirming it is their new flavor

Here is the email sent from FlavourArt to us,


Woooo Hoooo! And finally after 2 months in customs (damn feds) Hangsen is up and I made my order!!!

Thank you very much NR :slight_smile:


Of course! :slight_smile:

Glad to hear you got some Hangsen! :gift::tada:


Careful now… the men in black might show up at your door. :wink:


After customs delay they are here! Thank you Nic River. Mostly Flavor revolution. Some 2 big bottles lorann Melon and Blackberry. Strawberry cereal purilum and a HUGE bottle of PUR NEWYORK! :smiley:
First one to catch my eye is the Purilum Pomelo!? It smells heavenly too.
Off to mix I is…


Threaten me with a good time why doncha? Not too sure they will enjoy our time together though…