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Nicotine River - Smooth & Hit Nic Salts, 1300+ Flavors, Free Shipping, and more!


Yay Hangsen…I needs my RY4 :yum:


Why…why did I forget to order PUR Cheesecake on my order today, I only had a huge Color Note reminder on my home screen, I didn’t remember until I read your post. Oh balls.


Looks like another order is in place, I am sure you can find another $50 worth of flavors, either that or just order a bigggg bottle stuff is pretty good.:smiley: Funny as hell hearing the Oh Balls phrase,


So what do you use the blackberry for? I really like berry vapes.


There are new Purilum flavors on there too!


Wow, looks like there are 24 new flavors some look so tempting, looks like I will be trying a few of these out Ambrosia, Chocolate Cake, Chocolate Peanut Butter,Creamy Caramel,Fizzy Strawberry,Peanut Butter Cookie. There are more but I think those are going on my next order.


Glad to see you noticed the new flavors! There are a lot of great new ones! :slight_smile:


Hey everyone!

New Purilum has just been added to our website and there are definitely some unique flavors!

Take a look!

Thank you!


Ok, I hate to come in and be a PITA here, but is there anyway possible I can get my cart to repopulate? I was adding items and switching tabs reading recipes so I didn’t forget anything, so it was going to be a large order. Well, of course right when I am down to the last 2-3 items to add, BAM. Cart to zero.

This wouldn’t be as frustrating if it was the first issue. The 1st time I tried to order with you guys, I had a $340 dollar order ready, but I had to create an account (normally the cart contents carry over) and it zero’d my cart.

The second time, I had my cart complete, shipping quote applied (it was free shipping) and then when I go to pay, it cancels the free shipping. Some ridiculous shipping price came up, like over $40. It was the day you changed your shipping policy, and it got me at the worst time, after I’d spent days on the order. That was only about a $120 order, but either way.

Now, I’ve got another $150+ order, and decide to try y’all again, as your prices and selection are in line with my needs. I REALLY wanted to try the Purilium and NR flavors, and had the majority of them in the cart. . Aftert of work making sure I’ve got it all lined out, zzzzzzzz. Gone.

Please, is it possible to repopulate that cart in any way?


Hello! It seems that you have experienced some bugs that have recently occurred on the site! These bugs are scheduled to be fixed towards the end of October.

I am PM’ing you now to find a solution.

Thank you :slight_smile:


It would be nice to offer a smaller fee to upgrade free shipping to USPS from the Fed Ex free shipping, like the extra it takes to ship Via USPS than Fed EX, I know, I love the free shipping, and you guys are great at filling orders correctly, But it seems way more expensive to use USPS, and you still end up paying full price for for it if you order is more than $50. I know I am nit picking but I despise FED EX, I know it if you have nicotine or certain flavors, it has to ground ship. I know that you have shipped out a few of mine USPS, and it saves a few days, Is this something you might consider?


Apologies must have missed this message.
I find the Lorann blackberry to be one of if not the best blackberry flavorings. I use it in a blackberry jam on buttered toast mix and also in a blackberry cheesecake. I also make a razzleberry (blackberry and raspberry)


Hello @nicomanteno, you do bring up a good point

In regards to the shipping methods, we will be transitioning from FedEx to UPS November 1st so hopefully that helps! And for the USPS the only real reason why we usually ship FedEx Ground instead of USPS is simply because of their costs and ability to ship hazardous materials. We generally ship some “Free shipping” orders via USPS if it is the cheaper method however, FedEx usually beats USPS because FedEx specializes in the heavier packages (Great for shipping VG, PG, Nic, etc.). For smaller flavor orders, USPS is always best and generally chosen. It simply depends on the weight and contents of your package on whether it ships ground or via USPS.

Unfortunately the way our shipping methods are set up we are unable to alter the availability of certain carriers to tailor the customers needs since free shipping is always the cheapest available method. (Sometimes USPS, sometimes Ground). However, like I said UPS will officially be our newest carrier starting November 1st so hopefully that helps your situation.

If you need anything else let me know! :slight_smile:


Thanks for the quick reply, I appreciate Nicotine River being active here and look forward to you being the one stop shop. I have placed many smallish orders ( and a few larger ones) with you and they all get here intact. Its nice knowing your listening to all of the little guys out there. :smiley:


Of course! We’re always here to answer questions :slight_smile:

Just let me know and I can help you out no problem!


Hey everyone! New flavors from FlavourArt are now up on the site! Feel free to check out these unique flavorings, by FlavourArt!


AWESOME! Thank you for this update Nicotine River! I need that Red Bean in my Life!


Stop the press…did I just see Wonder Flavors SC line on the site!! Will this be the complete line, and do you know when they’ll be available?


vanilla custard premium ???


Probably not, its a kitchen flavor right?