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Nicotine River - Smooth & Hit Nic Salts, 1300+ Flavors, Free Shipping, and more!


im not sure , i remember seeing it available sooon on a thread


You did but it’s only going to be for sale through FA Italy because it has diacytal and consider “not for vaping”. Basically just like their whipped cream and butter. That was my understanding anyways


ahhhhh ha i know where to get it then ty lol


Please share if you find it


Dear @Nicotine_River - I do really like the service you guys give and the pur and nr concentrates are really good - international shipping is however expensive and while I do realise you guys just pass on the cost rather than make a profit. It would be a really nice gesture if you discounted it just a little bit - you offer free shipping to the usa and absorb that cost it would be nice if you applied an equal discount to international shipping.

Cheers guys

Just an idea.


i will for sure


Hey Woftam! This is a great idea and we have considered it in the past however the only issue we’ve run into is that shipping VG, Nic, and other heavy contents becomes quite expensive when shipping internationally. There is always the answer of buying just flavors from us which you should be able to do off of the website. Since we do not focus heavily on international orders the international shipping rates on the site may be expensive. We are working with UPS now and we are expecting to ship through them within a week or two. Hopefully their newly decreased rates will help for international orders.

Thank you! :slight_smile:


Cheers @Nicotine_River thanks appreciate you looking into it.


Hello everyone! I just wanted to post here and let everyone know we will be having a Veteran’s Day sale on Saturday for flavorings!

An email will be sent out with the discount code and the percentage of the sale on Saturday since we are still unsure of the sales exact details!


Also, Wonder Flavours is now available on our site and more Flavor Revolution will be coming soon!

Thank you! :slight_smile:


What are your starting % for Wonder Flavors?


The recommended percentages are 2-4% however, until we update out website with further information on these products I would reference Wonder Flavours website for more info


I’ll do that…putting together an order now. Just waiting on Saturday!
Thanks !!!


Sounds good! :slight_smile:

Let me know if you need anything and I’ll get back to you ASAP!


Having made probably 80+ orders in the past year and a half with (1), MINOR issue, I’m sure it will be fine! But, thanks a bunch!


Wonder how these compare to INW?


My apologies I must never have seen this!

Compared to Inawera, is this in regards to strength? Or flavor taste?

Thank you!


I think concentration of taste. INW is hands down the best for strength and true to taste. They are more expensive but worth it. No one really even comes close.


To be honest I couldn’t really say what exactly these taste like or what they’re comparable to since they’re such a new brand for us! From what we know, they have had great reviews and are pretty unique & delicious flavorings!

Thanks :slight_smile:


For the SC WF - Frank Eblender from WF wrote to me stating:
“We put 2-4% for these however we now feel 1% is a much better starting point”

For their non SC concentrates they are anywhere from “5 - 8%” - from what I was told from a mixer named Shyndo.


Question for ya, on the ELR resource page it says use code PURILUM for 20% off Purilum flavors, however it’s not applying in the cart. Is that still active or am I doing it wrong? I’m about to checkout shortly. Thanks guys, great selection!