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Nicotine River - Smooth & Hit Nic Salts, 1300+ Flavors, Free Shipping, and more!


Peanut Butter should be back in stock Today or Tomorrow :slight_smile:


Thank you Nic River! Score! 1 gal VG, 1 gal PG, Lemonade, Kiwi, Apple Pie. Free ship. Doin the happy dance!


Yes, pulled the trigger in the early morning. Came down to about $132. And turns out I forgot to add a cucumber and a mint flavor to experiment with. But it’s fine, got a ton of other things to keep me busy. Will probably just order some more in a month or so. See how things go!


Placed my order just after midnight. Everything I wanted was in stock. Already shipped. Ahhh life is good.


Holy cannoli, @Nicotine_River!!! Placed my order this morning and it’s already shipped!!! You guys are bloody miracle workers!!! :heart_eyes:


Hmmmm. I just placed my order as well. I could not resist and wanted to try out a couple more flv flavors and add some fa flavors I didn’t have


Well mine hasn’t shipped, that’s a bummer. At least LB’s stuff is on the way.


My dozen bottles were shipped this afternoon (of course I ordered at about 3 or 4 am) but I had thought they ( @Nicotine_River ) was going to be closed today… so that was a nice surprise.


Placed my order. But noticed none of the new FW are on your site…also no FW whipped cream :frowning:


We placed our order super early as well!


Order #63532

November 24, 2017 12:51AM

Fulfillment Status


Super early as well. Hopefully it ships by Monday.


ORDER #64278 <---- Me!
Thank you for your purchase!
Hi Amber, we’re getting your order ready to be shipped. We will notify you when it has been sent

Holy padiddles @Nicotine_River, I try to always, always, leave a nice little letter to yall in the comment box while making an order, and I completely forgot this time, I don’t know what I was thinking. Anyway, I just wanted to say Happy Thanksgiving, and thank you for all the effort and work that yall put in to make us happy, it is much appreciated. :blue_heart:


I have absolutely no doubt that it will!


So, between Silhouette and Kenbu, that’s over 800 orders in a day… That’s a pretty good day, and there’s 2 more days to go… Good luck everyone !


Yes, yes its all very nice but for the life of me I can’t seem to figure out what a holy padiddle is?:smile::wink::smile:


So, I actually say ‘padiddles’ to mostly stop myself from saying ‘shittles’, which I slip out with all the time. I hurt myself, I yell shittles. It definetly gets some weird looks. :smiley:


Hey!!! No Fair!!! I placed my order on Friday (2 days ago) and it has not been shipped yet!!! What’s up with that Grant!?! @Nicotine_River

Oh well, love you guys anyways and you know I will remain a loyal customer!!!

Edit: And for the 25% off my entire order and free shipping, I would wait two weeks for it to be shipped if I had to!!! Thank you for the awesome BF deal!

Edit #2: Bleep, Bleep, Bleep!!! I just realized that I totally forgot to get some more Purilum Butter Pecan Praline Ice Cream…I love that stuff so much that this makes me want to cry…


Send them a PM, maybe they can add it for you!! :smiley:


They have put ont the site that they cannot change orders once they are placed, I think I would have as well knowing they are probably slammed right now and even if it only takes an extra 10 minuets of their time that really adds up and would slow the whole show down to a crawl.


Yeah… good point.