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Nicotine River - Updates, and more!


Have a good one!


Why am I getting a ‘wife of the owner of Flavorah’ vibe…? :crazy_face:
(Not a statement of fact here folks. Just the vibe I’m getting!)

Seemingly inside info references…

So much butthurt for no reason (because I certainly saw no attack from NR…)

Way too much aggression for being a simple “fan of a flavor company” though (even if one was the “#1 fan”. :laughing:


You said it way better than I could of but I was thinking the same thing, why so defensive, does she rep Flavorah?


I started this out with so much positivity!

D’oh! :crazy_face:


Can someone impartial give some advice on Flavorah closeouts worth trying? I love the Flavorah Sweet Coconut but is Flavorah Coconut worth more than double the price?

Here is what I ordered so far from Flavorah:

Irish Cream
Beer Nuts
Marshmallow Treat
Greek Yogurt

And have had Rich Cinnamon, Vanilla Custard, Vanilla Pudding and Sweet Coconut for a while now but looking to add more if there winners from the closeout list. I know I have a few more already but those are all I remember at the moment. Thanks in advance.


I am still slowly working my way through my flv some that stand out to me in that list (by no means is it a full list it is just the ones I am most familiar with)

Smooth Vanilla - super strong flavour i don’t use it nearly enough but .05% is noticeable in a mix
Moscato - a slight hint of grape quite a good flavour and very predominant at .5%
Greek Yogurt - very creamy great mouthfeel
Dragon Fruit
Elderflower - acquired taste but it is a very good flavour if you like elderflower


Hmmmm. I would recommmend buying what interests you. If your looking for a new strawberry both of the ones listed. If you need a new Apple, go for them.

I wouldn’t recommend the kiwi though. That one missed the mark.

That said…get what excites you. Dream big. Depending on the discount it may be worth the gamble.

What I would say is that by removing a selection means less interest to purchase. Now a days I purchase what I need in terms of staples and then what I am missing from a flavor line that looks good and research supports the purchase. By not having enough random flv means I need to go else where.

That being said, I always say, whoever carries mf will get more of my business


Nopes, not related to anyone who works for FLV, not an employee, nada… so…

but the list of those being dumped, most all are excellent… most can be used as solos, and I do not suggest any over 1%… there is just too many to list.

The issues I have with Nic River, I can put aside… Im just not willing to play nice with a vendor that is just in to make money, while none of their employees, at least a couple years ago… no one vapes there. I can overlook the request for the strawberry net… but I have been laughing this whole time over it all. How can one cater to vapers if you just do not understand flavors and how we all love them. We use them to stay off smokes, diet, or just to keep cravings back.

To dump that many, and not just flv… seems to me is a serious move. I dunno bout what the rest of you think… but I am sure you all use something on the “lists”…

I gave a recipe to @Plunderdrum because rather than just toss a list up of the flavors I like… there were too many on there I use on a daily basis… I do not buy from Nic River… and never will again. Personal choice… Im east coast… shipping… and the fact I have other deals and my lab that I can pick up just about any ultra flavor from.

but lets all bash me, eh? much more fun that way… for those that did pop a list up for Plunderdrum… thanks for a wider outlook for buying… If they can not see people are interested in a certain flavor brand… wow…

and on a final note… with ultras, they will not move as fast, but there is a market for them, they have their place. Of course with the flavor line, there is almost 200 now and soon another 25 more to hit the market! They are like potato chips… you just can not stop at one!


Im sure NR is closing these flavors out due to the lack of sales… That doesn’t mean the flavors are bad , it just simply means they dont sell well enough to continue keeping them in their inventory. Obviously there is an issue with Smoky and NR but I still have love for both of ya…


I love ya too @fidalgo_vapes, and I want to see our vendors promote and do what they all need to do…
Sides… it’s Christmas and Santa is watching… if you still believe :wink:

As for lack of sales… there are always solutions instead of saying hey we are going to dump this and this… :sunglasses:


Vanilla Pudding (FLV). I hear this makes a good SF ADV. Shame it’s not on the list, Id buy a ton a biggie of this. :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

So looking forward @Nicotine_River any chance you will carry this one? Absinthe (Decadent Vapours) Been meaning to get this but never see it in the U.S. sites.


@Freddie3… the lists are what they are dumping

(ie putting on sale to sell out and only order again if in high demand {what ever they deem high demand from those that are vocal, they will miss those that just move on without a voice})

So go ahead, get a few gallons, you are safe to buy! :smiley:


I know what I’m about to say may not be popular here, but IMO, this is another perfect example that @Nicotine_River just pay us lip service.
It’s hard for me to believe anything they say after comments like this one!


If we are not going to sell the products that a customer is looking for and our competitor BCF can, why not support them and help the customer in the process? We have a good relationship with BCF and they’re great people. Just because we compete within the same industry does not mean we lack mutual respect. They deserve to make sales and do well just like any other business in this industry does. However, if you think this is “lip service” then unfortunately I have nothing more to say and you’re entitled to your own opinion.


I have no issue with you guys culling flavours as you see fit as MOST are available from a different source i am a bit miffed that some flavours you are culling are not available from other sources and if they are available from other sources they are supplied to the other sources by you.

I am happy that you are transparent enough to tell us and take the flack. But it doesn’t change the fact that I will not be able to source some flavours from anywhere that I regularly use. I do understand but it doesn’t mean I am happy about it. :sob:


No one person nor company can satisfy 100% of customers 100% of the time. That is very unrealistic.

For me it’s simple economics, maybe I am too simplistic.

Kudos to you @Nicotine_River for your professionalism and willingness to accept all feedback, even when it’s negative. I very much admire how you don’t take things personally and are courteous to all, thank you! I consider your customer service and responsiveness much higher than a lot of companies.

It all comes out in the wash, some people have no manners, class, nor do they know how to communicate effectively without being patronizing.

As always, I will continue to be one of your loyal customers, and always understand the need to use 2-3 different companies to obtain ALL the flavors I use, due to the huge variety on the market.

Please keep doing you!!


Couldn’t have said it any better.

@Nicotine_River is still one of the best when it comes to prices, you also have my support.


bump this down here since it got buried in our usual derailment


So Wes are you going to post your new videos here ? :sunglasses:


I should! For anyone that’s interested I like to mix in my spare time! Check out our new Nicotine River Youtube video on a mix I made! :slight_smile: