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Nicotine River - Updates, and more!


Wes I like to put my nicotine in the bottle first that way if you go over you can pull some out with your syringe :+1:


Oooh very good tactic, thank you for letting know. We’ve already shot the 3rd video about mixing salts but I will keep that in mind. Thanks for the pro tip! :slight_smile:


I do this, too! It has come in very handy.


Use your diaphragm, you’ll sound less like your yelling and more like your projecting you voice.:wink:


I agree I agree, I’m still a bit of a beginner so I appreciate the tips! :slight_smile:


Since there may be new mixers watching maybe talk about starting on the low end with sweeteners and how to adjust to taste. The tropical mix I would enjoy but if I mixed with that much sweetener I would have tossed it not knowing what was wrong in the beginning.


id like to hear the percentages… Explain that this flavor is this percent which equals this many grams…


I do agree, after we shot the video we came to the conclusion some people will find the percentages on the high end so we did our best with putting a disclaimer stating such, but yes I do agree now that you mention it and thank you for the feedback! :slight_smile:

As for @fidalgo_vapes here you go! It’s a bit of a lengthy recipe but it’s one of my absolute favorites!


You should load that in the database and put links in to all the ingredients! And a link to the video of you making it. Then put a link on the video back to the recipie.


Solid idea! Will put it as a reminder and get this done! Currently crazy busy but you’ll see it up soon! :slight_smile:

Thank you for the suggestion!


The ending was great … The excitement you showed was priceless


Glad you enjoyed haha I was ecstatic when the director gave me the thumbs up!


Here it is! :slight_smile:


So you know what this means Wes you’re going to have to put all those flavors on sale so we can all try your new recipe :laughing::joy:


Awesome sauce!


Already put a little pack together for the ease of ordering at a discounted price! :slight_smile:


I am curious what ever happened to NR getting CNT base an salts…I know before you said something about getting them …i have read lots on this brand and every one using it said it was top shelf …is this a brand you will get in the future…i am starting to see it show up on vendors sites now…I am currently using the Purenic salts an very happy…but also like to try others…


Hey Alan, great question! We actually used to carry CNT in regular freebase diluted form however, we stopped carrying this product because we came to a mutual disagreement. They do have great Nicotine and we are not discrediting their product however, it’s just not something we’ll be carrying in the future. Currently PurNic Salts will be the only Salt brand we’ll carry since it’s our house brand.

If you do like European based Nicotine though there’s another brand called Chemnovatic that makes great quality Nicotine as well that I recommend! :slight_smile:

These are not Salts but still, they’re a great freebase Nicotine provider!


Do we have a general place in the forum to post videos like the one Wes did here? Trying to get a YouTube channel up and running myself actually and just posted a similar video targeted at newbies explaining the basics and then mixing up a strawberry cheesecake recipe. Want it to be an accessible resource and of course support never hurts :joy:


Usually reviews and videos like that have a dedictaed thread created by the person making videos… That way it doesn’t get lost from all the comments and other videos…