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Nicotine River - Updates, and more!


Makes sense, thanks for the reply @fidalgo_vapes


@Nicotine_River Are you updating your site or something? It is so slow, it has became unusable for me.


Hey Jerry we actually are! The new images may be causing the slow, it should eventually speed up! As of this moment we are not editing the site any further. :slight_smile:


I just placed my first DIY order with you. I saw a slight lag on my phone but the computer did much better. Love your website and really helped me out trying to start out. Thank you! :smile:


@Nicotine_River, wondering what’s up with you Flavor Extract menu. It’s full of regular Concentrates concocted in a lab from flavor compounds. Are you using the words Extracts and Concentrates interchangeably? Or, is Capella now manufacturing actual Flavor Extracts?


Hey @Plunderdrum

Please provide an example for clarification and I will assist! :slight_smile:


Thanks for the update. The site is still slow but it is definitely faster than it was.


Glad to hear it :slight_smile:


There is a difference.

Medicine Flower sells Extracts:
Technical Information:
Our flavors are obtained through a proprietary technology conducted at temperatures below 118 degrees F. This process comprises a multi-stage extraction encompassing initial desiccation, lyophilization, and CO2 extraction.

Capella makes flavor concentrates from a combination of ingredients:
Capella Flavor Drops are water soluble, highly concentrated, multi-purpose flavor concentrates. Capella Flavor Drops are proudly made with the finest ingredients in the USA. Capella Flavor Drops deliver honest, undiluted, preservative-free flavor.

I point this out because people searching for Extracts may be confused by your menu. The title would make sense if you had Medicine Flower or Nature’s Flavors’ Extracts in that part of the menu.


I understand, thank you for bringing this to my attention. The website will be changed shortly!


I gave up after 25 mins. of clicking on a slow/frozen page.


…would also be freaking Awesome if you had those in that part of the menu! They both have some fantastic flavors!


is slow, prob busy atm too


Surprises coming soon! :slight_smile:


Hey guys! The sale is getting some website traffic but in it’s mainly slow cause we updated almost every product image as of last night. I also have Shopify on the line requesting a status update on our site and how it can be sped up! :slight_smile:


I just made some changes, the website should be responding a bit better now! Let me know if it isn’t please! @Kanamit @worm1


images seem to be loading faster, that usually is first to go slower, thks!


If this has been brought up and I missed it, I apologize. But, I thought it was time for something positive. NIC RIV has increased the full line of TFA by 50%. No longer 10ml bottles for $1.29, but now 15ml for the same price! WOW!!! Thanks to Grant, Wes and the whole crew.


@Kanamit @worm1

Things can be sped up pretty noticeably if you don’t allow half of the “fluff” scripts to run. :wink:

NoScript is pretty awesome for just such problems. (And of course for preventing malicious crap elsewhere…)

@Nicotine_River Do you seriously need 19 scripts slowing things down? :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Some are especially atrocious on speed IMO.


Thanks for bringing this up! We actually increased the 10ml to 15ml while keeping the prices the same on every flavor concentrate brand we will continue to carry! We hope you enjoy! :slight_smile: